Two weeks ago, I introduced you guys to Big Sam's Funky Nation and their new song "Buzzin"! This week I'm here to share with you their newest music video release for their song "PokeChop."

Like "Buzzin" this song can simply be described as a bop and it's clear that this song is meant to be an infectious beat that will make you get up and dance. The music video does a great job of portraying this and staying true to Big Sam's Funky Nation and their goal to get you up out of your seats and dancing. If you want to watch the music video you can do so by clicking here .

With Summer just around the corner, things are heating up in the music world as well. Big Sam's Funky Nation, a band based in New Orleans consisting of "Big Sam" Williams, Drew Baham, Jerry Henderson, Keenan McRae, Alfred Jordan, and Kendrick Marshall, is about to release their brand new album Songs in the Key of Funk. Both of their new songs, including their recently released song "Buzzin" can be found on their new album; "Songs in the Key of Funk" that is due to be released on May 4th, which is available to pre-order now!

If I haven't been able to convince you to listen to these new tunes yet, let these other rage reviews do it for you!

“Big Sam’s Funky Nation has gained a well-deserved reputation for delivering animated live shows filled with songs that draw on funk, jazz, rock, and hip-hop to remain locked in audience members’ heads for weeks to come.” – Relix

“Dance-friendly, spirited funk.” –

“As a globe-trotting ambassador for a city devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the band is a testament to the healing power of music and culture.” –Houstonia Magazine