It's that time of year! If your university participated in delayed recruitment, having recruitment second semester, then girls on campus are all buzzing about Big/Little week. This is basically a second Christmas. Your bigs leave all kinds of stuff outside your door every night, and it all culminates to a big reveal at the end of the week. Here is Big/Little Week as told by "The Office."

1. When all your friends are going through Big/Little Week and it's not your turn yet.

2. Your big constantly has to hide from you to avoid detection.

3. The feeling that everyone knows who your big is except for you.

4. When you try to find out who your big is.

5. The anticipation of the week building up.

6. When you big covers her face and hides just so you don't accidentally see her.

7. Everyone else during your Big/Little Week.

8. When you first see your big at reveal.

9. When the stress is off because you have your big.

10. All the candid pictures you have to take.

11. Now you have a great big!