Summer internships are great. You can get so much experience and make valuable connections. I know people working in the city for large companies doing great work, but I look back at my internship this summer and I see different experiences.

I am working in a very small town for a very small newspaper. I write about five articles per week, which make up a majority of the paper's content. I enjoy what I do and what I have done this summer.

I have learned a lot about this town and the people in it while working here.

I used to think that interviewing people was a scary thing to do. I would have to sit in my car and prepare for minutes before going into talk. But what I've learned is that it is just talking. I used to come in prepared with questions and back up questions, but now I just go in with what information I need and I can talk to them about whatever else comes up.

Another scary thing I overcame was that I was worried no one would want to talk to me. They would be wary and angry when I asked them to interview. But everyone is always so friendly and ready to talk. They all have a story to share and they're more than willing to tell it to me.

I have learned a lot about a lot of people. I have had the pleasure of interviewing a 95 year-old air force veteran about his experience in World War II. I have interviewed pastors for churches and antique shop owners (aka hoarders). There are so many unique people in this town that make it something special.

Before, I was glad to be out of here. I was glad to be in college and done with this town and the people in it. I was tired of the old, stubborn ways that I grew up knowing.

Leaving and coming back has given me a new perspective. While the people are still pretty stubborn (not passing the school levy which would help the town exponentially just because they don't want to pay a few more cents) I have learned that they aren't all bad. They are pretty cool and they all have something unique to say.

It makes me think deeper and question other people. Now, instead of dreading new conversations, I embrace them ready to learn.

Everyone has a story to tell and now that I have had this experience, I am ready to listen. I am curious. With so many stories, there is so much to learn.

This may not be my major and I may not want to be a journalist or even a writer, but this has opened my eyes to other peoples' lives. It's easier for me to have a conversation and connect to people.

And I'm really excited for recruitment because I'm going to be great at conversation practice now.