Yesterday, January 28th, was the day! Delta Zeta at Penn State got 64 new wonderful members! The day was special for all the girls who received us, but it was also special for me as it was my first ever bid day! How is that possible if I have already been in my sorority for a year? Let me tell you a little story...

Last year I went through recruitment, well halfway anyways, and hated it. I dropped and vowed to never put myself through something so draining and stressful again. Then the next day, my friend told me DZ was taking snap bids. I was in love with DZ from recruitment and knew I had to take the bid. Even though recruitment sucked, I still wanted to be a part of something, and this bid was my perfect opportunity. After that, life got better. I was introduced to my absolute best friends who I don't even know how I could survive college without now. I can't even remember what college was like without all those girls. While I got to make my forever friends, I missed out on a lot of fun things, including bid day. Now, on January 28th, I was going to be able to experience the part of a sorority that everyone says is the best part. Bid day.

I was ecstatic! The day finally came and I sprung out of bed—no coffee was even needed that morning. I planned my day strategically to have enough time to get my outfit perfect! By 3:30, I had my ripped jeans on, sunglasses ready, and hair braided. Camp DZ here I come!

I ubered to the BJC with all my friends and we sang all the way there, cheerful and ready to meet our new members. The BJC was packed! Girls were everywhere chanting their sorority cheers and screaming with joy as they prepared to open their bids. The moment arrived. The countdown. The cheers echoed and the nerves were high.

Finally, the bids were open and the girls sprinted to us. There was never a moment so exciting. Girls flailed up and down with excitement as they saw their top choice on the card. It was such a happy environment that I wish I could always be consumed by. Having a girl run up to me, so happy to share this moment with me as I held her sign up high and proud. We finally got our new girls, and I finally got to experience the most talked about moment.

Next bid day cannot come soon enough.