A Bibliophile's Dream: Book Vending Machines

It's like a dream come true, there is finally a vending machine I don't feel guilty for visiting.

I have loved reading my whole life. From the summer reading program at my local library that gave me and all my friends a cool new t-shirt for reading, or the $1 sale books at my favorite used book store, I am always looking for the next book to feed my reading frenzy.

If you're like me, then this will bring you joy. Library programs across the United States have been rolling out book vending machines to provide 24-hour access to parts of their catalogue, as well as providing stations for kids to access age-appropriate books for free.

The Milwaukee Public Library has one of the first and most successful kiosks thus far, but many other libraries have followed suit. Inquire with your local library to see if you have one on the way.

JetBlue aims to tackle the 'book desert' areas of the United States, area where kids don't have access to age-appropriate books. Check out their website to locate the nearest book vending machine, vote for your city to get the next batch of book donations, and find out how you can donate.

This fad is huge in Asian countries and hopefully will start getting American's to put down their smartphones and pick up a book (even if they already have a mobile reading app or kindle).

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