I have not so recently been confronted with the fact that my mother is not very open to the idea that her daughter likes men and female. Her reaction was for me to pick one side, to either be heterosexual or homosexual, but not the bisexual because it does not make sense. That comment got me thinking, why is it that bisexuals or pansexuals or any person whose sexual attraction is to two or more, are forced to pick a side?

Here is the thing (and I can only talk for bisexuals for I am one), bisexuals are called greedy because they do not leave any for the rest of the world, even though the world has 7.7 billion people. The irony of 'being greedy' is that it does not work in the way people uses it. A male bisexual can only date homosexual males and straight females...and female bisexual can only date homosexual females and straight guys. With that in mind, if you're a straight man telling that to a bisexual woman, you still have a lot of women out there (the same applies vice-versa). For the record, straight people are not the only demanding us to be one; several LGBTQ+ members are doing the same it's frustrating.

The probable reason why LGBTQ+ members want bisexuals to pick a side is because of this strange rumor that all bisexuals are cheaters. I do not know why we are labels as unfaithful when sexual orientation has nothing to with loyalty. I will admit that younger generations are more open-minded to bisexuals and pansexuals which is a relief. The younger generation is more open-minded in general, they don't think of 'pick a side' but more of 'love is love and work hard to get far in life.'

All I am saying is that the mentality of forcing a bisexual or pansexual to pick a side should cease from existing as well as generalizing an entire community; yes, bisexuals have their community due to the lack of welcoming from some member of the LGBTQ+ community, but that's a topic for another time; from experience someone had with a bisexual. On that note, stop asking for a threesome, it's awkward and very weird to have that label on your sexuality when you just might not be into that. Besides, instead of falling into assumption and just being plain rude, wouldn't it better to get educated on LGBTQ+?