My Best Friend Broke Up With Me And I Want To Know Why

My Best Friend Broke Up With Me And I Want To Know Why

I still haven't discovered the reason why you left me the way you did, or why you did at all.

It's a lot like a breakup.

Sometimes I go days without thinking about you. And sometimes I'm driving home at night, and a song comes on the radio that we used to blast in the car while driving to parties, or dance around in our dorm room to, and it all comes flooding back. Sometimes it almost feels like I'm back in that moment, with you.

You were my best friend in college. My roommate. My rock. You brought me home to your family for Easter. Every night with you was a fun sleepover. We stayed up too late talking and eating Cheez-it's and watching serial killer documentaries on Netflix.

We did our homework together, we ate our meals together, we went everywhere together. We spent many nights ordering pizza in and singing along to old Taylor Swift music videos. We would have done anything for each other. And I still would.

The way you ended our friendship was incredibly painful, because you dragged it out over a few months. As soon as you got a boyfriend, I was demoted in your life's priorities. Slowly, you stopped eating meals with me. You stopped answering my texts. You stopped caring about me.

When I came crying to you after a breakup, all you could say was "oh" before leaving the dorm, and I didn't see you for days. And then, you stopped talking to me completely.

But not only did you abandon me in my time of need, you began to disrespect me. You talked about me behind my back. You turned our "friends" against me. You actively excluded me from what used to be our friend group. You ignored me in public. You un-friended me on social media. And that's when I knew our friendship was over.

I went home one weekend and was watching my favorite movie, "The Great Gatsby" when I received the first text from you in weeks, informing me that you were moving out next week.

I was shocked. You had made it clear you didn't like me anymore, but I didn't expect you to leave me and move across campus in the middle of the semester. I guess I was just that horrible to be around. I wondered aimlessly where my best friend had gone.

When I got back to campus the next day, I unlocked the door to find all of your stuff completely gone. Our dorm never looked so empty, and I never felt so empty. I tried to hide the pain, but I was heartbroken. It felt like I had been broken up with.

That's when I noticed that not only did you un-friend me on all forms of social media, you also blocked me. I was floored when I went to your Twitter page and read that you had blocked me. The pain only got worse when a friend showed me your Twitter page on her own phone. I read over 20 Tweets directly aimed at me, insulting my personality, my intelligence, and more. I have never felt so hurt as I did right then. I was so betrayed.

I still haven't discovered the reason why you left me the way you did, or why you did at all. I never wavered in my friendship, love and support for you. I supported you in all your endeavors, helped you out in hard times, and was always your biggest cheerleader. Why you kicked me away like an abused puppy, I guess I'll never know.

You trying to erase me from your life continued. I visited your Instagram page to find you had deleted all photos of me and us. Same move an ex-boyfriend would make to pretend you never existed.

So I've been trying to make peace with myself, that I will perhaps never know why you broke up with your best friend. Or maybe I was never your best friend at all, if you could throw me away so easily and treat me so badly, when I am left unaware as to what I did to upset you so and merit such abuse.

And the pain of not knowing what was so wrong about me that turned my best friend against me so terribly is worse than any guy deciding he no longer wants to date me.

What you did to me still hurts, and the lack of closure makes it difficult to reflect on our friendship sometimes. Where did things fall apart? Where did I go wrong? These are questions I've been asking myself less and less frequently.

One day, it seems, you simply changed your mind about me, that I was no longer worthy of your friendship.

So I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for you. Hope you find somebody who is. I wish you only the best.

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Thank You Best Friends.

7. To help you procrastinate

Your BFFs are your go-to people. They're always there to pick you up when you fall, after laughing of course. Whether you are together or 1,000 miles apart, they just get you. These are 14 things you can always count on your best friends for:

1. Impromptu Target trips

Target never disappoints. You walk in the store to buy napkins, but when you leave, you have at least $50 worth of stuff you totally needed. Being able to this with someone else is just the best.

2. To remind you its hair washing day

Life is busy, and quite frankly, sometimes we just need this reminder. Nobody needs to be walking around with dirty hair.

3.To tell you what shoes to wear

Flats or heels? Black or nude? This is when your BFF comes into play. They just somehow turn into your personal stylist, and it is the best.

5. To help you decide what to eat for dinner

Choosing what to eat is really hard. Shout out to all my people who give me suggestions almost daily for my indecisive self.

6. For new drink suggestions at Starbucks

Have you ever tried a Strawberry Acai Refresher with lemonade? Well you need to.

7. To help you procastinate

Procrastination just seems to happen. Might as we enjoy it. Whether it is a thought provoking question or stupid game, they will always help you out.

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9. To be there to listen to you rant

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Pro-tip: Find a friend with an opposite good side. You both look great in the picture, so you really can't go wrong.

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13. To approve of wearing pajamas all day

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14. To boost your confidence

Surround yourself with those who tell say you are a solid 10/10 even when you don't feel it. A simple compliment goes a long way, and coming from one of your people, is the best.

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5 Pros And 5 Cons Of Being The Only Girl In A Guy Friend Group

The best type of friends

Being the only girl in a guy friend group can be a curse, but also a blessing at the same time.

The Cons:

1. Someone always thinks you're dating one of them

Sorry, but that's the last thing I want to do. These guys are like my brothers and I really can't look at any of them in a romantic way.

2. You hear a lot of things that you shouldn't be hearing

TMI! TMI! Although, in time you do become used to all the dirty jokes and stories.

3. But if you say anything that involves TMI, the world is ending


God forbid you talk about periods.

4. Any girls in their life are intimidated by you

Girl, trust me. I DO NOT want him. He is all yours.

5. Listening them talk about how hot girls are in front of you

"She's got such a nice butt." "She's so hot." Soon you end up getting used to it and eventually chime in, "yeah, she's super pretty!"

The Pros:

1. They're always down just to chill

Whether it's sitting in someone's basement listening to music or watching each other play video games, they're always game for whatever.

2. Fast food? Always

They're always down to grab a bite to eat with you, whenever and wherever.

3. You can talk sports with them

"Did you guys see the Bucks game last night? Did you watch Giannis do that block against LeBron?" "Yeah, that was great!"

4. You can be very open and you don't have to try

No worries about your guy friends talking behind your back or judging you, they're truly the trustiest and as a bonus, you don't have to try to impress them. You can just be yourself.

5. They're the best brothers you've ever had

You're one of the bros. They're always down to do whatever and always have your back. They may not be the best advice givers on guys, but at least they try. You truly can't live without them and love them like no other.

Cover Image Credit: Lexi Schroeder

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