Best friends are so special because they help you tackle life. I've been lucky to have had my best friend since I was in elementary school. We've always been so close and rarely fight.

The best feeling is knowing that you have someone to turn to no matter what. I truly love and appreciate everything that she has done for me. We always joke about people hanging out with us because they would feel like a third wheel. I'm pretty sure this is true for the most part.

1. We've been best friends since first grade.

Yep, we've been best friends for almost as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first days of school when we took a picture. We were so tiny then in our little clothes and my small glasses. We've been through a lot together and I wouldn't want anyone else by my side.

2. We're close despite a three-hour car ride.

We didn't go to high school or college together, but we've still stayed as close as we were in grade school. I love our friendship because we don't have to talk every day to feel close, but we can always pick up like no time has passed at all. When she comes back home for a visit, it just makes our time that much more special when we get to hangout (although I can't wait until she is back for good).

3. We can call each other at anytime.

The best thing about this is that no matter the time we will always pick up the phone. Even if it's 3 AM, we will always pick up.

4. She helped me during my freshman year at college.

I had a hard time freshman year because I went so far away for college. Luckily, my best friend was there with me every step of the way. We would always call each other or Skype for hours after long days. Transitioning to college can be difficult for anyone and my best friend understood that I had a harder time.

5. She will support me no matter what.

I can do the most stupid thing, but my best friend will continue to support me. She may not always agree with my decisions, but she will give some of the best advice and becomes my conscience when I need it. I love that no matter what I tell her, she will never judge me. That's the kind of friend that everyone needs. Something that is so pure and loving in the simplest of things.

6. She's always up for an adventure.

Even if it's just going for a walk or going skydiving, my best friend will do anything with me. It really is true when people say that an experience depends on the people who are with you. I don't know how many times I've just done small tasks with her, but they always seem much more fun.

7. We're the same person.

We literally like all of the same things. The same movies, songs, foods, and clothes. Of course, you'd expect best friends to have similar interests, but I think there is a only handful of things that we don't both enjoy. It's awesome that any movie, concert, or song that I like I know my best friend will probably like it too.