Bethalto, Illinois has been a great place to grow up for me. Most people are still around after graduating, and they have built their careers there. I am one of the lucky ones who has spent my entire school years in their school system, just like many other students. This is for the people who grew up there, and like to reflect on what it was, and what it will always be.

1. When you say you're talking to someone who lives out of town, and you say you are going to get a hummdinger. Yet, no one knows what you're talking about.

"It's a soda. Best sodas in town. Ok?"

"They raised their prices again?"

Yet, they still think you are crazy.

2. When giving directions, you rely on the town's landmarks; including the 2 popular streets and highway 140.

"Stay on Culp Lane, then turn left when you get to the red barn!"

"Just get on Prarie Street, turn left, and you'll end up at Roma's!"

3. When you say Bethalto, all people think about is Roma's or they have no idea what you're talking about.

"It's the best pizza around here!"

"Bethalto is like, right outside of St. Louis, near Edwardsville and Alton. Still don't know where? Forget it."

4. When you mention you went to Civic Memorial and the confusion rolls in.

"Why don't they just call it Bethalto High?"

5. Even if you graduated in different years, you can talk about how great Phyllis is, and how horrible the stucco walls are.

"I love seeing her in the office, but if someone accidentally bumps me into the wall walking out of there, you can say goodbye to my arm."

6. Even though you've graduated years past, you are still welcomed back by the teachers you had.

"I went back and saw my favorite English teacher. I forgot what classroom they were in after they reconstructed!"

7. The cool thing to do was to hangout in the gas station or grocery store parking lot.

"Are we meeting at Schnucks at 7? I'll see you there!"

8. The best place to be in the fall was in the football stadium in the fan section and singing the school song.

"We sing to you, with hearts so true, We sing our praises to CM High."

9. Our homecomings outdid every other homecoming in the area.

"You guys where the big princess dresses, right? That's crazy!"

Overall, Bethalto will always hold a place in my heart. I built a part of my life in there, and there is no denying there are uncanny similarities we will all remember.