Being besties with twin sisters is great because you get two best friends in one! Here are some things you know to be true if you have twin sister besties. :)

1. You're basically used to the twin questions by now as if people are asking you...

"You guys are twins!"

"OMG, who's older?"

2. .... and you can basically answer them yourself.

"Yes, they're twins."

"She's older by this long."

3. Sometimes you're amazed by how different they are...

Sometimes you can't help but notice their stark contrasts. You often think to yourself "HOW are you guys even related, let alone twins!"

4. ... But sometimes you can't help but notice how alike they are.

Sometimes when they do freaky twin things, such as say or do something the exact same way, you're like woah... you guys are the same person.

5. Sometimes they make you wish you had a twin....

Their sister bond is SO cute. Either one of them would do anything for the other, and they always have a permanent bestie at their side. Sometimes you long for a bestie twin sister like that. (AND they can share clothes their entire life! How can you not be jealous?)

6. ... But sometimes they make you happy you don't.

I've witnessed first hand that having a twin can be a lot of work, and isn't always a walk in the park. Sometimes I like just doin' me.

7. Sometimes you forget they grew up together from literally the womb.

One will start talking about the toddler days, and the other one will be like "oh yeah! I remember that!" And you're like how did you know each other all the way back then? You're like oh... that's why...

8. You get to hear their best stories from TWO perspectives.

Hearing a funny story once is great, but imagining hearing it TWICE from two different but equally funny narrators? It doesn't get much better than that.

9. You low key wish you were their triplet.

How can you not be a little jealous of their sister bond? Can you adopt me as a triplet please?