When I read the title, I immediately smile.

You found the one. I hope he's everything you wished for.

I remember you and me, sitting around playing Barbie's, wondering when our boyfriends would look like Ken dolls. I remember crushing on celebrities and circling the cuties in our magazines!

I remember crying in the mirror with you, dancing to Kidz Bop, and putting on our flavored Smacker's lip gloss. I remember writing a note in class and sliding it over to a boy. I remember the first guy that asked you to sit with him at lunch in elementary school.

I remember the first 8th-grade dance when we fist pumped on the dance floor. I remember graduating from middle school and planning our first day of high school outfits.

I remember passing seniors in the hall, whispering about how cute they were with you. I remember taking selfies in the school bathrooms. I remember graduating from high school and picking our colleges.

I remember all of these times like they were yesterday. Now, I am in college, watching you thrive. I am watching you grow into the woman you always wished for. I am watching you find out what you like and don't like. I am watching you do what makes you happy.

But most importantly, I am watching the one boy who is going to take you forever on your future wedding day.

I hope he is all you wished for. I hope he is that Ken Doll in your eyes. I hope he is just as cute as those boys in the magazines you used to circle! I hope when you cry in the mirror, you aren't ashamed to listen to Kidz Bop if you want. I hope you put on your flavored lip glosses and leave him cute notes like we did in elementary school class.

I hope he dances with you and Jersey fist pumps when necessary. I hope he appreciates your style, as you always loved picking out outfits. I hope he gives you butterflies and loves your selfies no matter where you are or what time of the day.

I hope he pushes you to your best and supports you on your dreams and goals. I hope he loves you unconditionally and never lets you go.

But hey, to my best friend on her wedding day, I cannot tell you how proud I am. I am proud to accept the man that will love you forever as a best friend and soulmate like we did all growing up!