Hi, how have you been?

I miss you. I know that we haven’t talked in a while, but I still care about you. I hope that you’re doing well. Do you ever think about me? Sometimes it seems like I’m just somebody that you used to know.

Do you remember all the memories? All the movie marathons, dinner dates, and crazy antics. Some of my favorite memories were spent with you. You were so much a part of me, yet slowly we grew apart.

Sometimes I’m afraid that I did something terribly wrong that I don’t even remember or realize. I want to apologize if I was the one that ended our friendship. I never meant to hurt you.

Other times I’m afraid that we were really just temporary or situational friends. Were friends because it was convenient for us? I’d like to argue not, but sometimes the question crosses my mind.

Even though I like to reflect on what went wrong, I don’t think I’ll ever find out what happened. I don’t want to blame either of us for losing touch, though.

We just did.

We both became very busy when college started and distance made things hard. We were both experiencing our new lives and took our own paths. I needed time to grow and find myself, just like I’m sure you did.

I see that you’re doing well now…you look happy. I miss being the one who shared in your happiness and knew your problems, secrets, and dreams. Now, we both have new friends who get to experience all life’s exciting things.

I’m not jealous of your new friends, but I wish that I was still one of your best friends.

I know we tried to talk again, but something seemed different. We slowly texted each other back with less than five words, and our conversations didn’t go beyond casual talk. I don’t want to imagine that we’ve changed so much that we can’t find anything to talk about anymore. I’d like to think that if we really gave it a shot we could pick up right where we left our friendship.

If you ever need a friend, I’ll always be there for you.