"Summertime is sweet when you are around, even in the salty air. You lead me into the ocean and I jump over the waves. I look at you as you smile.

I'm in the water, looking behind me at the beach full of swimmers and sunbathers. I look back at you as you dive into a wave, daring to come up above it. I'm here with you, my summertime best friend. I'm happy, salty, and sunkissed.

What more do I need? Everything is fine when I'm with you. Everything is happy, good, amazing. The sun is really hot today, but I'm with you.

You hold me and swing me around in the ocean. We fall under. We laugh as we come up for air. I'm so happy. Nothing could be any better. Nothing could feel more amazing. Nothing can stop me. Nothing can make me angry. I'm here, and so are you. Nothing more important than us, in the summer heat."

It is April, and I was just thinking about the summer. Whenever I think about summer, I think about you. You are the best friend ever, but only in the summer. Summer is coming, and that means you are coming to me, too.

You have a house down by the shore, and I live at the shore. We met elsewhere but landed at the beach. We knew what we both wanted. We wanted that friendship.

I miss you in the winter. It's so cold and tough to deal with the matters of life. Our feelings are frozen until spring when everything starts waking up, and then summer hits us with the hottest bang.

It's coming up.

Summer is spent with you. I really only get to see you then so it's only fair. I'm so excited about our adventures at the beach, boardwalk, or wherever the sunlight takes us.

When I think about the sun, I think about us laying on the hot sand. When I think about the ocean, I think about us pushing through the waves. When I think about the boardwalk, I think about us walking through the crowds of tourists and grabbing a slice of banging pizza. When I think about summer, I think about you.

Here's to Summer 2019, best friend. I'm excited to make more memories with you.