The 5 Best Ways You Can Study To Hit Your Finals Out Of The Ballpark

The 5 Best Ways You Can Study To Hit Your Finals Out Of The Ballpark

Because it's not to late to raise those grades.


It's that time of year again. School is coming to a close for most students, meaning a wave of finals and AP tests to end a year worth of schoolwork and all-night studying. Along with being incredibly stressful, the end of the year is the most important time to raise grades one last time before summer hits.

As much as most of us prefer to be on a beach, rather than behind a desk studying for those classes, finals is the time of year that we all must face, whether we are prepared or not. To make sure you pass your finals, here are five foolproof methods to help you achieve your grade goal:

1. Form a study group.

Study groups can help jog memories much more than individual learning and make studying an overall more enjoyable time. Tricks they learned can be taught to you, helping not only your grade but their grade also. Multiple perspectives can also raise questions that you may have never thought of, more ideas on what to study and how to study and remember important information.

2. Find your go-to spot.

I can't stress enough how important it is to find an area that suits you to study and review material before finals week. Having "a spot" can train your brain to associate information with a certain surrounding, helping to jog your memory and further increase memorization. Whether it is your own room, a restaurant or a local library, having a spot to go to and study is overall beneficial your your mind and your grade.

3. Make a list!

The worst thing a student can do before taking an exam is refusing to ask questions about topics they're confused about to others or trained professionals. Not understanding a topic and knowing someone else yet not seeking that aid does detrimentally affects how you would preform on an assessment if you had known the information, not only because any questions with the said information in it would now be wrong but also because it stresses the mind.Having confidence within yourself for being prepared helps your mind relax and comprehend problems better without the potential fear and feeling of "failing." As you study, make sure any information and/or topics that are confusing to you are jotted down on a sticky note or piece of paper, so you can attend help sessions, ask a teacher or visit a tutor about.

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4. Don't be afraid to speak up.

Along with massive stress, the end of the year also calls for end of year reviews and hardcore jeopardy in review games set up by teachers to prepare you for the final. When these games come up, don't be afraid to participate. Speaking out loud, or in front of a large number of people can be terrifying for some, but as useless as these games may seem, they're more helpful than you may realize. These games help prepare you for what may come up on the final exam and/or AP test, truly testing your ability to recognize topics and deliver appropriate answers. Through speaking up, you can directly find out and realize which topics you have a good handle on, and which you may need to review another time. As a way to sort the work, you many realize that you only have to review half the material you previously thought you had to review.

5. Get some rest!

As tempting as it may seem to pick up those notes one last time before you go to sleep, getting an appropriate amount of sleep before taking an exam is one of the most beneficial actions you can do in order to make sure you are in your best shape and state of mind to take such weighted exams. A clear mind is always better than a busy one, and the potential of falling asleep after such long hours of preparation is not worth the risk. Feel confident, space out your studying schedule and make sure you arrive a few minutes early before the exam to calm your nerves. Through thinking clearly, you are less likely to read questions wrong or make a simple mistake, helping you and your grade in the long run.
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