14 Of The Best TikTok Videos To Date

14 Of The Best TikTok Videos To Date

Ready to cry with laughter? You won't regret watching these videos.


Tik Tok is honestly so random but I love it so much. Here are some of my favorite videos.

1. You can be the judge if this is accurate. 

2. After seeing this, I aspire to be that girl. 

3. A child does cause a lot of trouble! 

4. Never thought about it but it is true though. Why?

5. The most relatable thing you will see today. 

6. Throwback!

7. I honestly don't even know what to say...

8. I'm sorry to all the vegetarians and vegans. 

9. Don't blame me for now wanting a duck. 

10. If you don't get it then you're too old. 

11. Oh how I love cats. 

12. This mom is so confused and I love it. 

13. Who doesn't love Thanksgiving??

14. Men are trash. 

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