The 10 best things to look forward to for thanksgiving break

There's hardly anything to NOT look forward to when it comes to Thanksgiving break. Between food, family, and friends, what else could you want??

1. Sleeping at home

Although living on a campus, (whether it be a dorm, apartment, or sorority/fraternity house), can be very fun, coming home to your own space and own bed is something that is hard to top. Living on campus rarely ever leaves you with a dull moment, finally having some quiet space to your own can be amazing.

2. Food. Specifically, a home cooked meal

After months of cooking for yourself/dining hall food/restaurants, nothing is better than a home cooked meal.

3. Seeing your friends

By now it's most likely been a few months since you've seen your friends from home, and nothing is better than catching up with some good buddies and exchanging all your stories/adventures with each other.

4. Seeing your dog (or any other pet)

If you're anything like me, you probably miss your furry friend more than anything else. Separation anxiety is real.

5. Seeing your family

Depending on where you go to school it may have been months since you've last seen your family. Although you're probably about to get asked the same 3 questions by everyone in your family, it's always fun to reconnect with loved ones.

6. No classes

A (well deserved) break. Finally.

7. Free laundry

Although depending on where you live you may already have this luxury, but for those of us who don't, we are counting down the days.

8. Traveling

For some people, you may be going somewhere other than home for Thanksgiving break, and if that's the case, then you have a ton of adventures and travel to look forward to.

9. A break

While this is kind of a given, it is extremely rejuvenating and refreshing to get a break from the fast-pace that usually accompanies being a college student. Now's your chance to lay in bed and do nothing.

10. Actual Thanksgiving

Turkey, family, friends, what could be better?

It's almost turkey time! Only a few more weeks!

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