Activities To Spice Your Summer Up

Summer is not my favorite season. It's hot, I'm sweaty, there are kids everywhere, ew. But, it is nice to have a break off of school. I chose to do online classes over summer so I have the opportunity to go home and travel while still getting ahead academically. Here are some little things you can do to get out of the house and enjoy your summer.

1. Find new study spots.


Most of us take summer classes if you're a college student. It is easier to get ahead, and online is usually a breeze. When I am home doing an online course, it can be very easy for me to fall into a habit of just staying home and working. To avoid this I try to find a new study spot every few days. I like to explore coffee shops in my hometown, maybe go sit by the ocean or the pool, go to the public library. It is easy to find places to study and it will get you out of the stay-at-home rut.

2. Workout outside.


Every body is a beach body, but I just want mine to be better! So, I plan to keep working out when I am home for the summer. It can e a bit frustrating running on the treadmill and looking outside at the beautiful weather, not being able to enjoy it. Here's a simple fix, work out outside! The added heat will make you work harder and the scenery will be a nice change. Just make sure you are drinking enough water, listening to your body, and being safe.

3. Start a blog.


Starting a personal blog was one of the best things I ever did. With the added free time, summer allows, pick your passion and blog about it! Someone out there is into the same stuff and would love to read your work. It is a great way to stay creative and vent to the world. It is something amazing when you finally publish your first post, knowing you are writing about what you love and sharing it with the world.

4. Volunteer.


Just because you're out of high school (maybe) and don't have to volunteer for scholarship money any more doesn't mean you should stop. I see so many people just stop giving back to the community because it doesn't directly benefit them anymore, and that makes me sad. If you're going home for summer or staying in your college town, you live in both places and they both have areas and groups of people that need your help. Search the internet for organizations near you and find one you love. Make a difference.

5. Pick a new hobby.


Picking a new hobby is a great way to stay creative and involved in an area of your life that is all yours. Having a hobby is a form of self-care. It allows you to focus on one thing that makes you happy. Finding a new hobby is a fun way to pass time over summer, and keep summer from being too boring by trying something new!

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