Best Smoothie Bowls in the Denver Area

I love brunch. It is my favorite meal of the day. I wish that I could eat it all day everyday. Actually, scratch that. I don't want to eat it all day, because my favorite thing about brunch is its timing. There is no pressure to wake up early, and it seems to be almost a social obligation to arrive a little late to a meal where you can pretty much order anything you want to without looking childish/picky/totally confused. I love brunch because it is relaxed and nonconformist while still being a little ritzy. One thing I don't always love about brunch however, is how I feel after drinking a large chai tea latte and eating a billion pieces of french toast with some fancy filling. So in a search to fulfill my need for some bougie yet chill morning food I have gone on a tour of the Denver-area's smoothie bowl shops to find a healthy and wholesome brunch.

<a href=" ">Nektar Juice Bar</a>

While this might be a little bit of a cop out, considering that Nektar is a chain, you cannot go wrong with a classic. This Juice bar offers a consumers pick of bottled juices, fresh squeezed concoctions, delicious smoothies, and of course yummy bowls. While they have recently expanded the menu to include a mango acai bowl, a pitaya bowl, and a superfood bowl, the lack of a create your own option/add in menu could leave some diners wanting a little more. However, the posted calories are nice for eater who are keeping track Side note: they also offer amazing juice cleanses. I did the three day one and it left me feeling so refreshed and reluiviated (I know, I know very cliche, but very true!)

<a href=" ">Vitality Bowls Super Food Cafe</a>

Options, options options. This shop has got a plethora of bowls to choose from. Although there is not an explicit, create your own option, the add in menu is extensive if you don't find a perfect bowl in their long list of servings. This shop also offers juices and smoothies, although I cannot speak of their quality, only ever having ordered a smoothie bowl. The bowl I had was not super sweet (hello added in kale and spirulina) which I enjoyed as it allowed me to really taste the flavors I was consuming.

<a href=" ">ProsperOats</a>

This is truly the place for a do-it-yourselfer. The bar set-up allows you to chose a base (oats, acai or greens) with your choice of three toppings. While a display menu offers flavor pairings and topping suggestions, there is no template for what you can put on your bowl. I ordered an acai bowl with plant based protein powder mixed in, granola, peaches and raw peanut butter on top. This actually might have been my favorite bowl. It was so sweet and flavorful, even without the addition of agave. I also ordered an iced coffee which was one of the simpler drink options ProsperOats offered. While my coffee was great and I loved it, I couldn't help but stare at the delicious looking white chocolate coffee my friend had ordered.

<a href=" ">Berriegood</a>

A Denver staple, Berriegood was the first super fruit cafe opened in the city. Serving up pitaya and acai bowls, this lovely little cafe is defiantly for health nuts. The staff was super friendly and explained unusual ingredients off the bat. While the menu is small, there is the option to add in mix-ins and toppings which definitely widen the consumer's choices. The granola on top of my bowl was absolutely divine and they offered a good selection of fruit toppings, like kiwi, which was very enjoyable. While the bowl I had did not top my list in flavor (these are slim margins people) the cafe's ambiance was my favorite as each of the tables had cute succulent arrangements as center pieces.

<a href=" ">Superfruit Republic</a>

Another cafe serving up pitaya and acai bowls, Superfruit Republic is all about building your own bowl. While they do offer a set menu, it is so tempting and so so good to just go for it and pick your flavor combo. You start with the option between a piaya or acai base. Next choose between a soy milk and banana or an apple juice and blueberry mix in. Add a sweetener (honey or agave) and a granola (chocolate, vanilla or plain) and then choose three mix-ins or toppings. The flavor combinations are endless and my pitaya bowl was super satisfying. Although a bit of a drive for me, I liked this place a lot and will be going again !

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