It happens to the best of us and literally out of nowhere—you get sick. It always comes at the worst times at school and you feel so helpless. So here are ways you can get through being sick with the least damage possible:

1. Chug Emergen-C

Right as you feel yourself getting sick, start getting in that vitamin C. I always find that when I'm about to get sick, it doesn't hit me as hard when I try to prevent it.

2. Have NyQuil and cough drops at night.

Make sure you soothe your throat overnight. Taking NyQuil right before sleeping will help you sleep through your sickness at night, and you'll feel better in the morning.

3. Drink ginger, lemon, and honey tea.

Good for you, good for your body, and good for your soul.

4. Eat hot/spicy foods.

It is so tempting to eat whatever you want when you're sick, but it is so important to have hot foods that will feel good going down and spicy food to help you feel less congested.

5. Chug that water!

Flush out your system and keep drinking water. Bottle after bottle until you feel better.