15 Reality Shows Everyone Must Binge-Watch During Quarantine To Distract From Our ACTUAL Reality
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15 Reality Shows Everyone Must Binge-Watch During Quarantine To Distract From Our ACTUAL Reality

Nothing is a better pick-me-up

15 Reality Shows Everyone Must Binge-Watch During Quarantine To Distract From Our ACTUAL Reality

In these times of the ever-looming threat of COVID-19, it can sometimes be difficult to find things to do. Thankfully, reality television shows are my ultimate cure for boredom.

What better way to spend increasing hours indoors than curled up with a bowl of popcorn watching mind-numbing reality television shows?

I have compiled a list of the ultimate television shows to cure all your social distancing and boredom woes. You can watch all of these with your family, a friend, a significant other (still while practicing social distancing of course), or just even yourself. The best news is that all of these are on-demand, through streaming services or currently on cable, and there is truly something for someone on this list no matter their interests.

Happy binge-watching!

1. Chrisley Knows Best


"Chrisley Knows Best" has hilarious family dynamics, sass and southern charm. Stream it all on the Bravo TV app and Hulu.

2. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Everyone loves the fabulous lifestyle that people in Beverly Hills live, and we get to live vicariously through them with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" franchise. The show includes celebrities like Erika Jayne, Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna. What's not to love? Catch it on the Bravo TV app and Hulu.

3. Love is Blind


Honestly, it's a super interesting social and dating experiment to test if love truly is blind. After watching it, I am still not convinced love is blind. I'm super excited for the new season since it was just renewed, and the first season is all available to be streamed on Netflix.

4. Too Hot to Handle


When I binged this, I spent the entire time laughing. Honestly, it's pretty cringey, but I couldn't stop watching. It is currently available to stream on Netflilx.

5. The Circle


This show took the internet by storm and went viral. I'm still a Joey and Randi stan. This can be streamed on Netflix.

6. Vanderpump Rules


Young and beautiful servers and bartenders make for great one-liners and dramatic arguments. Episodes are currently on Hulu and the Bravo TV app.

7. Shahs of Sunset


Persian money and wealth and tons of drama are all in "Shahs of Sunset" and can be streamed on the Bravo TV app.

8. Floribama Shore


Honestly, a southern and more diverse "Jersey Shore" is the guilty pleasure everyone needs in their life.

9. Jersey Shore Family Vacation


I've absolutely loved the "Jersey Shore" reboot, and they still are having crazy moments years later. It can be streamed on the MTV app.

10. Top Chef


Everyone can love a good cooking show, and it's streaming on the Bravo TV app.

11. Rupaul's Drag Race


"Rupaul's Drag Race" is truly a treat, especially with gems like snatch game, which is currently streaming on Hulu.

12. Shark Tank


"Shark Tank" is a must when watching cable TV and is on ABC.

13. 90 Day Fiancé


Big Ed has recently gone viral on the internet and people can't get enough of the craziness. Some episodes are currently streaming on Hulu and on the TLC app.

14. The Voice


The new season has my favorite celebrity, Nick Jonas, as a judge, and it is all streaming on Hulu.

15. Storage Wars


They've added some "Storage Wars" episodes to Netflix, and they often stream it on the free TV app, PlutoTV.

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