Best QR Code Generators in 2022
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Best QR Code Generators in 2022

Pandemic has made QR codes indispensable for businesses. Studies show that there has been a growth of 94% in QR code interactions between 2018-2020.

Best QR Code Generators in 2022

Pandemic has made QR codes indispensable for businesses. Studies show that there has been a growth of 94% in QR code interactions between 2018-2020. Which clearly indicates that QR codes are here to stay and expand further in 2022 and beyond. So generating the QR codes has been the need of the hour for all businesses. Whether a business is at a small, mid, or large level, each can employ QR codes for offline to online (O2O) marketing and boost sales.

Here is the list of QR code generators that my marketing team and I found the best in the market.

Criteria: Below is my selection criteria:

➔Does the QR code generator provide attractive, high-quality QR codes with CTA options?

➔Is the analytics available for the QR codes?

➔Do they provide the domain White-labeling option?

➔Does the QR code generator provide the option to generate QR codes in bulk?

➔How easy is it to manage and organize QR Codes for multiple team members to work on them?

➔Does the QR code generator provide all types of QR code solutions typically needed by businesses to boost sales?

➔Ability to handle large volumes?

➔How promptly their Support team responds to user queries?

1. QR Code Chimp

While looking for a QR code generator for my business needs, I stumbled upon, and I was hooked to this tool. QRCodeChimp provides almost all types of QR code solutions that a business (in my case, multiple business vertical clients) could need, such as Business QR code, pdf QR code, location QR code, vCard Plus.

The main feature that sets them apart from other QR code generators is that they provide highly customizable yet fast scannable QR codes. They also offer the option to arrange QR codes in separate folders. So if you have multiple clients for whom you need to create QR codes, you can create a folder for each client. Or, you could arrange your QR codes in separate folders based on their purpose. I found them suitable as a QR code generator - one of the best QR code management platforms available online. They regularly add new useful features for their users.

They have a quick signup process. The best part is that the users can create all types of QR codes in the free plan and access all QR code customization options. They allow creating 10 dynamic QR codes in the free plan. QRCodeChimp provides analytics based on the number of scans, scan location, device.

Paid Plans: They have tailored their plans for various user needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. QRCodeChimp paid plans start from $9.99/month ($6.99/month if billed annually) and go up to $249.95/month.

2. Scanova

Scanova, too, provides a 14-day free trial and an easy-to-navigate website. They allow minimal QR code customization options, and they, too, are locked in the trial period. So you can not get a feel of all the features without going for the paid plan. Scanova provides the option to generate QR codes in bulk and an API too. They have a feature called lead generation, in which a QR code scan shows a landing page on which users can enter their information. Scanova allows users to capture and store data of leads captured via linked QR Code/s. Typically, a new list is created for each new campaign.

Paid Plans: Scanova’s paid plans start from $9/month when billed annually. And there’s no enterprise plan available.

3. QRStuff

QR stuff allows users to create and download QR codes without signing up. But the dynamic QR codes have a scan limit of 50. But the main advantage of a dynamic QR code is that it can be edited anytime and analytics. QR stuff offers bulk QR code generation, folder option, and QR code analytics. They allow QR code editing and analytics to the paid users only and there is no trial period available, which is a big turn-off.

Paid Plans: You will find it challenging to find the pricing on the QR Stuff website. They offer only one plan with the option to buy for a month, three months, six months, or a year. Pricing starts from $11.95/month all the way up to a 12-month plan billed annually. They do not have plans tailored to different user needs.

4. QRCodeGenerator

QR code generator has an easy-to-navigate website. They offer a 14 days trial to try all the features. You need to move to the paid plan to continue using their service. Their QR code customization options are accessible to PRO plan users only.

Users can see the QR code analytics on the dashboard and create QR codes and arrange them in folders. They provide bulk code generation and API too.

Paid Plan: QR Code Generator has self-serve plans that start at $6.08/month billed annually. To know more about enterprise options, you have to email their support.

5. QR Code Tiger

This QR code generator too provides the option to create all popular QR code types. They allow only very basic customization of QR codes, such as changing QR code eyes, color, and adding logos. They provide a trial period to let users explore the features before buying. Users may not find their website very appealing. But features such as HubSpot and Zapier integration are noteworthy. They provide bulk QR code generation options, API, and analytics. Domain white-labeling is accessible to QR Code Tiger Premium users only.

Paid Plans: Their paid plan starts from $7/Month and goes up to $37/Month. They also have an enterprise plan.

6. Unitag

Unitag offers a QR code generator and a QR code scanner app. They also provide only square-shaped QR codes and have limited customization options. They also offer a free plan where users can create 3 dynamic QR codes. Unitag delivers the most sought for business features such as bulk QR code generation, white labeling, subaccounts, and analytics.

Paid Plans: Their paid plan starts from $12.22/Month and goes upto $72/Month. Each plan can be tailored as per user needs, and pricing increases as per required additional features.

7. Flowcode

Flowcode QR code generator only lets users create circular shaped and dynamic QR codes. They call their QR codes flow codes. Flowcode allows users to customize QR pattern style, foreground color, and QR theme. Flowcode lets users create all types of QR codes without signing up, but they need to sign up to download the QR codes. Users can generate 5 dynamic QR codes and 2 flowpages in a free plan. Flowcode offers bulk QR code generation, white-labeling, analytics, and folder management.

Paid Plans: Their paid plan starts from $9.95/Month and goes upto $50/Month. They also have an Enterprise plan for which users need to contact the Flowcode team.

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