I am an absolute FREAK when it comes to my hair's health. I have had it grown all the way down my back and chopped up to my shoulders so many times it is nearly on alien-level stuff. Everyone wants to have luscious locks, and it's not always easy to get them. But, these are some amazing products (all under $10!) you can use to hydrate and model-fy your hair.

1. Hair Masks

Trader Joe's / $3.99

This hair mask is from Trader Joe's and is the ultimate hydrator for dry, frizzy, unkempt hair. I like to use it once or twice a week after I condition my hair. I let it sit for the time it takes me to shave my legs, and then rinse it out with cold water. Cold water seals the cuticle and prevents frizz. (It also closes your pores, so it's good for your skin too!)

2. Oils

Amazon / $9.99

Castor oil is the number one oil for hair growth. This stuff is thick, so I like to mix it with Argan Oil (a hair- and skin-care holy grail product) and Coconut Oil. I'll mix them together, flip my head upside down, and massage it in root to tip. Flipping your head upside down and massaging stimulates blood flow which facilitates hair growth. I'll do this an hour before I shower and then wash it out. If I'm feeling really horrible about my hair's texture or health, I'll sleep on it and wash it out the next day.

3. Renpure Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner

Target / $7.99

You. Need. This. This stuff will make your hair strong and make it grow as long as you want it to be (I'm pretty sure Rapunzel uses it). Biotin and collagen repair the hair and make it strong so it will grow longer and you'll have less - if not zero - split ends.

4. Turbie Twist

Amazon / $8.99

STOP WRAPPING YOUR HAIR IN A TOWEL. It breaks your hair and leaves it looking more like Donald Trump's four hairs rather than Moana or Ariel. Not a cute look. This hair towel is super absorbent and perfect to leave on while you're putting on lotion or doing your makeup. Your hair will be dry in no time and healthier, too.

5. Renpure Coconut Oil Micro Mist

Amazon / $6.99

If you want to wake up in the morning with silky hair, use this. I spray three or four pumps into my hand, warm it up in my palms, and then run it through the ends of my hair. I wake up in the morning not with greasy, yucky looking hair but rather moisturized, happy, ready to be styled hair. The bottle has lasted my 8 months and I still have 1/4 left!

6. Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse

Amazon / $7.99

If you put a lot of product in your hair like heat protectant, hair spray, mousse, and more you will want to use this. It cleanses your hair and gets all of the gunk out of the roots so your hair can grow beautifully. I use it after I condition every two weeks or if I used extra products that day.

7. Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Leave In Conditioner

Amazon / $7.99

If you want to grow your hair out long, this is the stuff to use. Spritz it in your roots and ends after you shower and watch your hair grow. After using it for about two weeks, I noticeably saw a difference and fell in love with it.

8. Hask Charcoal With Citrus Clarifying Dry Shampoo

Amazon / $7.99

The trick to having healthy hair is to not wash it every single day, Washing your hair strips it of its natural oils and dries it out. This causes breakage and damaged hair that won't grow. Spritz this dry shampoo in your hair between washes to keep it from looking too oily. It will make it feel clean, it doesn't have bad ingredients, and it has a light citrus scent.

9. Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Shield Spray

Amazon / $9.99

Do not ever blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair without heat protectant in! It fries your hair so it looks awful and won't grow. This heat protectant doesn't weigh down your hair, and it actually holds your style in place without being crispy. 10/10 stars!

10. Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment

Target / $9.99

If your hair is fried from styling it so long without using heat protectants, this is the stuff to use. Don't spray it in dry hair as it will leave it feeling sticky, but do spray it in wet hair after a shower and let it dry naturally (or stick it in a turbie towel) as using more heat doesn't help at all.

All of these products are SLS and paraben free. These are what I swear by to keep my locks the healthiest they can be. Eating a healthy diet also contributes to having healthy hair, so consider adding in more fruits and veggies when you can. Also, drink LOTS of water. You need it not just to hydrate after a workout, but for your hair as well. Getting trims done every 4-6 weeks will keep your hair fresh and growing long, as dead hair will not grow well! Keep your hair happy and healthy. :)

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