Best Places To Visit This Summer Near Penn State
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Best Places To Visit This Summer Near Penn State

Despite being landlocked, we can still experience some sun in central Pennsylvania.

Best Places To Visit This Summer Near Penn State

As a girl who has lived in central Pennsylvania for nearly my whole life, I have lacked the typical beach experience many people get throughout their entire summer. However, I have found a few places that remind me of summer that I love to visit whenever the weather gets warmer. Here are some of my favorites.

Colyer Lake

This lake has a beautiful view with gorgeous scenery. The walkway around the lake presents a wonderful way to relax as well.

Millbrook Marsh

This area houses unique plants and even some animals that I typically do not get to see. Although there can be lots of bugs, it is easy to spend a good time walking around here.


The Arboretum at Penn State holds many of the vibrant, bright colors we get to see on campus. The fountain also attracts many tourists and visitors from around the state!

Bald Eagle Lake

Here, you can rent kayaks, boats, canoes, paddle boards, and more! It is easy to enjoy some time on the water at this lakefront in central Pennsylvania.

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