Why The Best Place To Grow Up Is Near A Beach

Why The Best Place To Grow Up Is Near A Beach

If you have grown up near the ocean, you know what I mean

There is nothing more soothing than the sound of the waves and shells crashing along the shore,

Or the feeling of the Florida sun beating down on my skin.

The beach will forever have a chamber of my heart and has been a special part of my life ever since I was a little girl. From the crazy beach curls I like to call my hair to finding the perfect seashells to make jewelry, it is ...

A place where memories and laughs are shared with important people in my life

A place where my family, friends, and I come together and share moments that are captured through memory and pictures

A place with an affiliation of only good times and vibes.

There is beauty everywhere you turn

This picture above was is when I watched my first sunrise and is one of my favorite pictures. We climbed to a spot that can only be reached in low tides. I will never forget the sound and the mist that sprayed when the waves crashed endlessly into the wall when we least expected it. A moment of glory with good company captured by a lens.

Growth of appreciation for the little things

Now, don't even get me started on sea shell searching. I could spend hours on end looking for the perfect shell to use as a necklace with its self-made holes. When my brother and I were little, running through the sand and throwing ourselves into waves brought us so much self-entertainment and joy. The only downside I would have to admit is finding shells and sand in our hair after countless showers.

I bring a piece with me each time I leave.

Not a moment is wasted when you're at the beach even if you're laying (most of the time napping) on a towel.

It's a place to clear your head and a time to take a step back from reality to reflect. I find most alignment and rhythm when I'm down by the sea.

The car rides to and from

We all have those go-to car ride playlist to fill each mood and nothing beats a car ride with the perfect tunes and your passengers as the hype mans.

Any songs that I would listen to on the way to the beach such as Bon Jovi, Aero Smith, Queen, Steve Miller Band, and many more classic favorites I affiliate them to good times in my life.

There is nothing better than driving along the coast with the windows down as the sea mist fills your lungs and as music flood your ears.

A place where memories and laughs are shared

Even the memories of the muddy sand fights I would have with my brother I still cherish. Siblings sometimes are there just so we can pick on each other, but we always laugh it off and continue to try to catch the next wave or the fish that was way too swift for us.

Food for thought: There are fish that actually eat the dead skin off your feet and you can't even feel them doing it! (I know sounds creepy right, but it's really a thing)

I don’t remember exactly what I see or events that take place every time I go to the beach, but it’s the feeling of rejuvenation that it leaves me lingering with each time.

"Nothing truly beautiful ever asks for attention, it just naturally exists, as it is, in confidence and boldness." -Bianca Sparacino

I think of this quote when I think of the of the beach, the sunrise, and the sunset. Whether someone may witness these wonders or not, it happens every day and we have to keep that as a reminder to also take care of this Earth.

As I currently reside in sunny South Florida, I think about the day where I may not be near a beach anymore due to moving around and living in new areas.

Little life lessons will be with me forever that I have learned by being emersed with the ocean and to always remember to float on with the unresting tides of life.

Everybody should find their own safe haven if they don't have one already.

Notice the things you are grateful for and soak them up while you have them.

Cover Image Credit: Alyssa Corneille

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But over time, say, in a few days or weeks, we forget about our "promises" to our environment and eventually go back to our same old habits. Do we really think about the long-term consequences of not protecting our earth? Next time, before you throw that plastic bottle into the trash, think about these 11 shocking facts.

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15 Reasons You Know Your A 'Country Kid' And You're In No Hurry To Change That

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The kids that grow in the the fields instead of the basement always see things a bit more differently.

Here are 15 reasons you know you grew up a country kid instead of a city kid.

1. The smell of manure doesn't bother you, it actually calms you.

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8. You learned how to drive farm equipment before a car.

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15. Your family is closer than most.

Cover Image Credit: Personal Photo

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