Hiking is one of the most ideal ways to exercise. You get to see some of the most amazing vistas and find hidden treasures. You're getting a full-body cardio and endurance workout along the way. It really is a therapeutic form of exercise.

Here are some of the most amazing trails in the United States that you should add to your bucket list for 2020 and beyond.

1. Paint Mines, Colorado

The Paint Mines Trail is a 3.6-mile loop that takes you past a display of canyons and brightly colored clay. Not only is this area of Colorado full of stunning scenery, but there's also a lot of human history to be discovered.

2. John Muir Trail, California

The John Muir Trail is a 210 mile (338 km) trail that cuts through the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. It's an action-packed trail of thousands of lakes, canyons, and granite cliffs. The grand finale is arriving at the sight of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the continental US.

3. Angel's Landing, Utah

Angels Landing is a 1,488 ft (454 m) rock formation in Zion National Park. This 2.5-mile trail will take you all the way to the top of Angel's Landing to give you a stunning view of Zion Canyon.

4. Hoh River Trail, Washington

Located in Olympic National Park in Washington, this 6.2-mile trail takes you into a mossy, dense forest like something out of a fairytale.

5. Franconia Ridge Loop, New Hampshire

This hike takes you through alpine tundra and elevation gains of over 3,400 feet in four miles.

6. Lakes Trail, California

A 7-mile trail in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, you'll get to see both the General Sherman and the Watchtower, all-natural landmarks.

7. Muliwai Trail, Hawaii

This 9-mile stretch takes you from Waipio Valley to Waimanu Valley where you'll come across old ruins, swimming holes, and a black sand beach.

8. Precipice Trail, Maine

A 1.8-mile hike that takes you to an amazing viewpoint at the top.

9. Black Canyon, Colorado

A 7-mile trail where you can trek to Exclamation Point, which is a spectacular overlook, or continue to Green Mountain that offers an aerial view.

10. The Narrows, Utah

The hike through the Narrows ranges from two to sixteen miles depending on the route. For a third of the hike, the Virgin River fills the Zion Canyon from wall to wall, forcing hikers to slosh through the water to move forward, sometimes submerged as much as chest-deep.

11. Lost Coast Trail, California

This nearly 25-mile hike can be walked either direction along barren, misty stretches of beach and forest.

12. Tonto Trail, Arizona

For those who really want to experience the Grand Canyon from within the Canyon itself, the Tonto Trail is an awesome multi-day trek to make that dream a reality.

13. Trans-Catalina Trail, California

Trans-Catalina trail is one of the most unique and beautiful multi-day hikes. Located 22 miles off the coast of California, the island boasts a nature preserve with unforgettable terrain.

14. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

The Kalalau Trail is blessed with stunning beach scenes, waterfall swimming opportunities, rivers — all of which are framed by the mountains in the backdrop.

15. The Wave, Arizona

The hike is six miles round trip and the trail is not marked. Only 20 people per day are allowed to visit this spot, so you will need to plan in advance if this is on your bucket list!

16. Grayson Highlands, Virginia

Wild ponies. Rhododendron. Rolling hillsides. The tallest mountain in Virginia. This is what the Grayson Highlands is all about.

17. Half Dome, California

The Half Dome Hike in Yosemite National Park is easily among the most iconic and challenging in the United States. This hike will test you physically and mentally as you climb the last quarter-mile of the trail and ascend the Half Dome using bolted cables.

18. Art Loeb Trail, North Carolina

Over the course of 30 miles, the trail passes through or over Appalachian balds, forest, meadows, and typical Blue Ridge Mountain splendor.

19. Tomales Point Trail, California

A trail with spectacular coastal views that takes you through an elk preserve.

20. Red River Gorge, Kentucky

In addition to great hiking, the Red River Gorge is famous for having some of the best rock climbing venues in the eastern USA.

21. Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina

This trail climbs from the Black Mountain Campground to Mount Mitchell the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River.

22. Petrified Forest Loop Trail, North Dakota

This is a land of surreal landscapes, American buffalo, elk, antelope, and petrified wood specimens that have seemingly turned to stone.

23. Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Tuckerman Ravine trail is a stunning and rugged loop up to the summit of Mount Washington.

24. Roan Mountain, Tennessee

The Appalachian Trail crosses the grassy summits and affords wonderful panoramic mountain views during the ridgetop hike.

25. Wheeler Peak, New Mexico

The 8.2-mile round-trip hike to this summit in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is a true lesson in uphill climbing.

26. Greenstone Ridge Trail, Michigan

Isle Royale National Park, remote and hauntingly beautiful, offers outstanding opportunities for backpacking, especially on the Greenstone Ridge.

27. Harding Icefield Trail, Alaska 

The 8.2-mile round trip Harding Icefield Trail winds through forests and meadows to climb to a breath-taking view of the Icefield.

28. Ewoldsen Trail, California

The loop trail is a little more than a 5-mile round-trip journey and is one of the best day hikes in Big Sur.

29. Wind Mountain Hiking Trail, Washington

Wind Mountain today is popular among hikers for its stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge.

30. Hamilton Mountain, Oregon

The hike to Pool of the Winds should be one of the most popular hikes in the Columbia River Gorge.