Friendships are great, but best friendships? They blow the ships out from their moors because they are so fantastically amazing. Sometimes, you are so close with them that you believe no one else will ever compare to the Soulmate Level connection you two have got going on. And what better way to describe the kind of relationship you two have than a show that emphasizes on, in the words of Michael Scott, a family?

1. You can communicate with simple glances or one-word sentences.

2. When they do something that they know will tick you off.

3. You are sometimes afraid of how much you love them.

4. You sometimes get a little too sexual with each other.

5. When you and your besties all get together.

6. You sometimes treat them as your sibling.

7. When they spend time with their other friends.

8. Declarations of love are commonplace.

9. You don't hold back how you feel with each other.

10. You straighten them out when they have their heart broken.

11. When you introduce them to new *dangerous* things.

12. You always go to them when you need a pep talk because they'll give it to you straight.

13. When you desperately need a night out and you force them to come with.

14. You constantly serenade your favorite songs to each other.

15. When you haven't seen them in a long time and just NEED to tackle them.

16. When you have to say goodbye again and don't want to get emotional.

17. You can literally start laughing from a single word.

18. You interrupt them with mean comments just to mess with them.

19. When they accomplish something, you start crying because you are so proud.

20. You know that no one will ever be perfect together, the way that the two of you are.