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Seeing Your Best Friend After Being Apart For Basically Forever In 60 Seconds

What an emotional rollercoaster it is.

Seeing Your Best Friend After Being Apart For Basically Forever In 60 Seconds

We all have that special someone that means more to us than anything. More than reclaiming a 4.0 GPA, more than naps, and more than pizza. For this someone, you would cross oceans, brave the unknown, and possibly kill some hairy-looking spiders.

A best friend is the family you choose and a person you couldn't imagine life without. However, sometimes you have to part for a time, whether it be something as simple as summer vacation or something as scarily adult-like as separate life paths.

The sadness that follows this split is nothing compared to the moment of pure happiness you feel when you and your best friend meet again. That first minute is one of the craziest 60 seconds mentally, but if it means seeing your best friend again after five-ever, you'll spare the intense brain power.

In honor of many more best friend pairs being united in the weeks to come, here is the break down of those 60 seconds.

1. Holy butt, there she is!!!!!!!


2. Wait, is that actually her?

3. I'm about 94.8% sure it is, but I need that 5.2% confirmed.

4. Gah, people keep getting in the way.

5. Move, you useless people, I need to see ma BB!

6. Okay, I'm even less sure it's her now.

7. If only this person would look at me. Then I could confirm.

8. Or stop staring at this random person, at least. . .


10. No, that is definitely her.

11. Aw, she's wearing that shirt I bought her for Christmas!

12. Heh, she doesn't even like One Direction. LOL, she was soooo confused!

13. She like, "I'm not wearing something with Harry Style's face on it."

14. Excuse me, ma'am. You're wearing Harry Style's face.


15. Wasn't there a One D song on the radio earlier in the car?

16. Oh yeah, def. "Best Song Ever."

17. . . .and we danced all night, to the best song ever. . .

18. Focus, brain. The love of your life approaches, and you're thinking about One Direction.

19. Ridiculous.

20. Did she cut her hair?

21. Did she lose weight? Did she gain weight?

22. Oh, no. It's been so long since we've seen each other, I can't remember her body mass!


23. It's cool. No need to panic.

24. She can't have changed that much, right?

25. I mean, it's been like three months.

26. That's only 12 weeks.

27. 12 weeks is nothing in best friend land.

28. Nope, I have nothing to worry about.

29. Nothing. At. All.

30. What if she doesn't like donuts anymore?


31. What if she's wearing that One Direction shirt non-ironically?

32. What if she doesn't want to do Wine Wednesdays with me anymore?

33. Or stress dates at IHOP?

34. What if she got a new best friend while we were apart?

35. Someone named something like Cheryl who has strawberry-scented hair and her life together.

36. And backstage passes to One Direction.

37. She'd be all, "Yeah, Zayn and I go waaaay back!"


38. Freaking Cheryl.

39. No, I won't allow it. Cheryl can find another best friend.

40. This one's mine.

41. And I would fight for her, hands down.

42. If I had to choose between cake and her, I would probably choose her.

43. Okay, I definitely would choose her.

44. Can't laugh at Vine comps with cake.

45. So, take that, Cheryl.

46. You'd probably choose 1D over her, wouldn't you.

47. You don't deserve her anyways.

48. She's too good for you.


50. I'm beyond ready for this best friend hug.


51. Aw, look at her!

52. She's smiling! And laughing!

53. Damn it, she's crying!

54. Damn it, now I'm crying!


55. If this were a movie, the lights would dim and "Time Of My Life" would start playing.

56. Is it too cheesy to sprint the rest of the way?

57. Probably, but I'M DOING IT ANYWAYS!

58. Gah, we're freaking blubbering messes.

59. But, if I have to be a mess, I'm glad I'm a mess with her.

60. Ah, I missed you, you crazy kid.


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