Dear Best Friend,

Thank you.

Thank you for always being there when I need you most. You never fail to leave my side, even in the darkest of times. And you always seem to be there, in the brightest times to cheer me on.

Thank you for always being willing to go on fun adventures with me or just staying in watching movies all day. I love spending our time curled up in cozy blankets watching Harry Potter together and I even love when we just simply go for a walk together.

Thank you for always making me feel so welcome and cherished with your high energy and the love you show whenever we are together. You never fail to greet me with open arms, you always have so much enthusiasm for our friendship, .and there is never a dull moment when I'm with you.

Thank you for always listening to me talk about my problems, even if you do not necessarily understand them. I know I can be a handful. And I also know that I can be a bit overdramatic. But thank you for never judging me and always having my back.

Thank you for being available for a giant hug whenever I need one. I know sometimes you're not really in the mood for a hug, but you smile and let me give one to you anyways.

You are so intelligent, funny, caring, and loyal.

You make me feel safe with the way you are so over-protective of me.

I love how social you are. Everywhere we go, you always meet someone new and they always love you. It's funny watching strangers be taken off guard when you just start speaking to the them and making them laugh. You're confidence is incredible and I am constantly inspired by it.

Sometimes I get worried you'll find a better best friend, but you always assure me you're here for me for the long run.

I canot imagine my life without you as my best friend because you are one of a kind. The way you never stop talking even if I am trying to sleep, the way you get hyped up to see me even if I was only in another room, the way you love a good back rub...and especially a belly rub, the way you care for me when I am crying by licking away my tears because they're salty (ew), the way you play fetch and never get tired of it, the way you wag your tail when you see you're food coming...these are just a few of my favorite things about you.

Oh, and the fact that you're a dog...and you'll never be able to understand this letter...but yet, you will still love me just as much.

I love you, stinky paws, dog breath, and all.

I would never want another best friend.

I love you, doggo friend. Keep on barking!