To The Best Friend That Turned Into A Sister

To The Best Friend That Turned Into A Sister

Thank you for simply being you.

Before I thank you for putting up with me for all of these years, I just want to tell you how amazing and special you are to me, because you of all people deserve to know. Despite the beauty that is shown through your looks, your inner beauty is what makes you so exceptional. The kindness you possess is astonishing, and makes everyone surrounding you strive to be a better person. Your intelligence is something I have always envied, because with that you will accomplish anything in this world. With a heart and a brain like yours, you will conquer and do so many amazing things, so please do not let anyone belittle your confidence. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, because they are dead wrong.

Your strength is also one of your most admirable qualities. Your will to push through and do whatever it takes has motivated me to succeed, and become a better person. Over the course of our friendship I have had the privilege of watching you evolve into the beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent and strong person you are today.

You have had such a positive impact on my life, and I just want to thank you for never leaving my side. Thank you for listening to me complain about the boy I obsessed over who didn’t like me back, and for assuring me he was the “dumbest person ever” for choosing another girl. Thank you for helping me realize my strengths, and giving me the confidence I need to pursue my dreams. Thank you for the countless amounts of sleepovers spent watching cliché romance movies and indulging in ice cream. Thank you for aimlessly driving around while hopelessly attempting to “sing” along to our favorite songs. Thank you for helping me become the person I am today, and for influencing my decisions. Thank you for reminding me that I deserve the world and that I should never settle. But, most of all, thank you for not only being my best-friend, but for being the greatest sister I have ever had.


Your Best-Friend and Sister

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10 Struggles Girls Taller Than 5'7" Feel On A Spiritual Level

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

Any girl who is at least 5'8" will understand these struggles and possibly identify with them on a spiritual level.

1. Dresses not being long enough

Finding dresses for any occasion that will be long enough is like searching for rain in a drought. And when you find one, it's bound to either cost $$$ or not fit another aspect of your body.

2. Heck, pants are never long enough either

You are constantly flooding, or else you rolled up your jeans to look like capris. Unless you special ordered some jeans online in the coveted size LONG or EXTRA LONG, this will forever be your fate.

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

This is a personal preference people! Don't assume that a girl will or will not date someone just based on their height difference! Also, don't judge if they aren't interested in someone who is shorter than them!

4. Not wearing heels because you don't enjoy being the skyscraper of the friend group

Wearing heels can be fun buuuuuuuut sometimes towering over everyone else is not our idea of fun.

5. It's hard to find cute shoes that actually fit

You would love to have all those cute little shoes in the clearance section, but most of them barely cover your big toe.

6. Everyone thinks you walk too fast

Short-legged people just can't keep up with you, even though you aren't even walking fast. Like at all.

7. People want to jump on your back

Just because you're tall doesn't give them the license to make you into their personal camel.

8. Never being able to cross your legs underneath desks and tables

You. Can. Not. Get. Comfortable.

9. Awkward hugs

Some people will never understand.

10. Never knowing how to pose in pictures

Should you sorority squat? Pop the hip? Bend the leg? Contort your body to feel like a normal sized human? So hard to decide.

Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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Doing Nothing Helped Me Realize I Am Complete

It's easy to get so busy doing everything to satisfy or fix ourselves, but what if we don't need to fix ourselves?


The last few weeks have been crazy traveling for a family vacation in Virginia then immediately after, flying to New Hampshire for my graduation. In that time, however, I had some much-needed relaxation.

With nothing to do in Virginia, but eat, rest, and enjoy the hot tub, my husband and I found ourselves passing the time by lying on our backs and watching the clouds float by, or the sky grow dark at dusk. Have you ever done that? Watch the sky get dark? I know I haven't done it much in my life, but it was amazing. Often, we are so distracted by social media, technology, and the busyness of life that we don't notice the miracles of the world moving and changing and all the life happening around us.

These moments made us realize how busy and selfish we often are, so busy trying to improve ourselves through work or dieting or spirituality or any variety of things. So many things that we do, if you look closely enough, we aren't doing them for simple enjoyment, but to get something, to get a sense of fulfillment out of them because we feel empty inside. We become desperate to fill this perceived emptiness in any way we can.

Watching the clouds, we felt nothing but peace and satisfaction that we had never found in our desperate attempts to improve, fix, or save ourselves. What we felt was completion at having done nothing. It can be hard to believe that we could be complete without having to do anything to attain it, but it's true. The whole mindset of trying to fix or satisfy ourselves just enforces the idea that we lack something, that we aren't good enough or complete or amazing right now.

What if we were to just give up trying to fix ourselves? Well, that's what my husband and I did for a week. We rested, knowing that we are complete as we are right now. For us, that was a huge realization. We grew up as very religious Christians doing everything we could to be faithful and perfect, so we could be close to God and loved. But what if we are loved and as close to the divine as we could ever be right now?

It changes everything, no more trying to fix or save ourselves, no more self-hate, no more judging ourselves, and so no more judging others. All that's left is love. In not constantly trying to save ourselves suddenly, we found we were free to love one another and notice the world around us more. When we try to save ourselves, it's easy to become blind to those around us.

This is why I love nature. It always brings us back to perspective, taking our eyes off our problems onto the beauty that's everywhere around us. And we are a part of it, this beautiful world, and we are whole and complete through and through lacking nothing. So, lie down for a moment and rest as you watch the clouds float by and the wind blow through the leaves, and the sun and stars travel across the sky, knowing that you are whole and complete, lacking nothing.

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