Dear college best friend,

Like many incoming freshmen, college was a fresh start for me. New people, new location, new opportunities, new me. I was eager to start, but a bit anxious as well; I was afraid of not making friends, or not forming a strong connection with anyone. And then I met you on the second day, which is where our story begins.

We started off in the same friend group; we all went to welcome week activities together, and just got to know each other better. And like any new friendship, I started to learn more and more about you, and soon discovered our nearly identical personality. How crazy is it that we both want to pursue the same thing academically, have both participated in similar activities, enjoy the exact same music, and many others? As we quickly bonded and became closer and closer friends, I started to notice things about you. Not only did I identify our shared interests, but I also uncovered the deeper elements that a select few individuals knew about you.

To the public, you seem to have everything together. You balance everything in life, are a shoulder to cry on, have a clear sense of direction, are strong, intelligent, and selfless. It's pretty easy for people to think that they don't need to check in on you, why would someone that secure need guidance?

As my strongest friend, I realize that you are presumably the most valuable. You listen to my concerns and struggles, no matter how important or not, before ever speaking of your own. You support, encourage, and push me to try bigger and better things, and help me when I fail or celebrate when I succeed. You show me how to have fun and let loose, not letting what others think of me get in the way. And ultimately, you inspire me by your level of selflessness, your never-ending supply of great advice, and your constant drive to better yourself every single day. You inspire me to be the best version of myself.

But does being a strong individual mean that you don't deserve as much support as anyone else? Of course not. Regardless of your strength and independence, I will always support you, just like you have supported me these past few months. Whatever you need, I will always be here. I say this undoubtedly: I know that you will be by my side for the rest of my life. And as will I be there for you as well.

Thank you for being my best friend, I can't wait to experience life ahead of us, knowing that I have you every step of the way. I love you always.


Your college best friend