To My Best Friend, Who Has Been Through It All With Me

To My Best Friend, Who Has Been Through It All With Me

To my once in a lifetime friend, my person...

Alyssa Battles

To my best friend,

It's hard to believe that there was a time that I managed a life without you. Who did I send memes to when I found one I couldn't stop laughing at? Who did I walk around town with at obscure hours with?

It seems like just yesterday I was admiring you from afar, wishing that I was cool enough to be friends with you.

You brought me into your life with open arms, and I could never be more thankful. Soon your home became mine; your family (and pets, of course) became my second home.

Sure, we've had some arguments and falling outs from time to time. But as the time went on, we always found our way back to each other.

You've seen my awkward phases where I cut my hair too short and tried to go from bangs cut just above my eyebrows to side bangs a week after I just cut them.

You've seen my "scene" phase, in which my wardrobe consisted of band shirts, skinny jeans, and way too much eyeliner. (You also saw the little glimmer of revival when MCR made that announcement, but we'll ignore that...)

You've listened to me cry over boys that were never worth my time. You knew it, I knew it, but you were there for me anyway.

You've lived the times where you had to document every minute for it to be relevant. We raided my moms closet and took a bunch of clothes to your house for a lot of awkwardly angled photographs.

We're basically a part of each other's family. It was never a surprise when we were over each other's houses. You'd even come along to my family outings.

Thank you for the countless hours of video chatting with me, even though we live five minutes away from each other.

Thank you for being my right hand, my go to, for everything. Through all the stupid jobs we've had, we always cheer each other on from the side lines.

For all the phone calls, webcam pictures, omegle nights, sleepovers, makeup sessions. venting sessions, outfit advice, boy advice, hugs, tears wiped away, I love you more and more.

I know it's not as easy with us being so far away, but I'm so happy that we're just as close.

Most importantly, thank you for growing with me, and still standing right by my side to this day.

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