11 Of The Best Female Characters On "Supernatural"
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11 Of The Best Female Characters On "Supernatural"

Stop killing them.

11 Of The Best Female Characters On "Supernatural"

Last Thursday, the CW aired it's third to last episode ever of its hit show "Supernatural". Supernatural has been airing for an entire 15 seasons now, making it the longest running sci-fi show in television history. As can be assumed by its lengthy lifetime, Supernatural garnered a passionate and large fanbase. From people who have been watching since day one, to people binging on Netflix, this show stretches across generations. I myself enjoy it a lot, but it is not without its faults.

One of the ongoing criticisms of Supernatural has been that they do not offer very good representation for anyone who isn't a straight, white man. The main characters are all white men, and up until recently, were assumed straight. Most of their female characters, people of color, characters with disabilities, and queer characters have been killed off, some more than once.

This last episode was monumental for Supernatural. After fifteen years of fans asking for a canon love story between main characters Dean and Cas, they made Castiel's feelings for Dean canon. He gave a beautiful love confession, before promptly being killed off. This left fans both excited and devastated. But Cas wasn't the only loss suffered that night. Along with him, a deaf female character, Eileen, was killed. Charlie, a lesbian, and her girlfriend were killed. In fact, the entire universe was killed by God, except for Sam, Dean, and Jack. All white men.

While Cas' death was indeed devastating, no one else is getting the same acknowledgement. For this reason, I will be presenting you with a list of Supernatural's best female characters. That are now all dead.

Charlie Bradbury


First appearing in season 7, Charlie Bradbury was an instant fan-favorite. She was the first lesbian character on Supernatural, making her impact huge. She was an extremely relatable character to fans of the show--quirky, nerdy, funny, and hardworking. Her close bond with the brothers, especially Dean, was so heartwarming. Everyone, fans and characters alike, were devastated at her gory death. She deserved better than to be used as a throwaway plot point.

Charlie began her journey on the show as a hacker, and along with helping the boys, became a hunter herself. She was extremely cunning and entertaining to watch. The episodes she starred in were all very memorable and close to our hearts.

Jody Mills


Jody Mills is an obvious choice. She is a good friend of the Winchesters, and quite the talented hunter herself. The sheriff of her small town, Jody is naturally protective of those around her. This is why it makes sense that she began to take in young girls who were either hunters or affiliated with Sam and Dean but without a guardian. She became a mother to these girls, and an excellent one. She is still a strong ally to the Winchesters, and even almost got her own spinoff along with her adoptive daughters called the Wayward Sisters.



I know, I know. She's a villain. And she won't be the only one on this list, either! You have to admit that female villains on this show are especially memorable. I mean, compare Billie to Dick Roman. We have a clear winner.

Billie began as a reaper who Sam encountered in one of his many close calls with death. She and the Winchesters have a rocky relationship, sometimes allies other times enemies. In the most recent episode, I'd say she solidified her role as an enemy, but that doesn't make her character any less great. She climbed the ranks to become Death herself, and was extremely powerful throughout the show.



Another frenemy, Meg has been a recurring character since season 1 of Supernatural. As a demon, she was a natural enemy to both the Winchesters and to Castiel. Despite the initial bad blood between them, they all became sort-of friends--specifically her and Cas. She ended up aiding them quite a few times, and although she is ultimately out for her own interest, it can't be said that she wasn't great. Her quippy lines and entertaining personality made the show that much better. The fact that she continues to be mentioned even in the final episodes of the show is a testament to her impact.



Another villain, but how could I forget one of the most iconic antagonists of the early seasons? First introduced as an ally to the Winchesters, Ruby was playing the role of a demon who wanted to help the brothers. For a long time, it was believed by both the audience and by the characters that Ruby was trustworthy and on their side. She and Sam grew especially close, and she was really the first demon was saw humanized.

Of course, she ended up being a brilliant villain. She had played the brothers the entire time, and had her own agenda. Ruby is frequently mentioned in the series now, despite her being long dead. She is by far one of the most impactful characters on the show.

Bela Talbot


Last villain, I swear!

Bela is another character who was introduced and killed early, but who fans continue to beg for back. Originally a villain manipulating the brothers and only motivated by money, she became an unlikely ally to the boys, like so many antagonists do. She became a very sympathetic character with a backstory that made fans want more from her. Unfortunately, she was brutally killed before we truly got to explore her character. Just from her time on the show, it was clear that Bela was extremely intelligent, witty, and deep down--a good person.

Lisa Braeden


It isn't common for either of the brothers to have time for love interests. They have a lot on their plate, and it's tough to balance a girlfriend and saving the world from the most recent apocalypse. Still, when Lisa and her son, Ben, were introduced during one of the boys' hunts, it was clear there was something between her and Dean. She and Dean ultimately were granted a short period of time together. They became a family of sorts, with Dean acting as a father figure to Ben. Of course, since it's Supernatural, this peace did not last long. Ultimately, any memories of Dean she and Ben had were erased for their own safety. This was arguably one of the saddest occurrences in the entire show.

Jessica Moore


Dean wasn't the only one with a love interest! Sam, too, attempted to get away from the hunting life when he took off for college. For a few years, it worked. Jessica was Sam's girlfriend, and her character was very short-lived. She appeared only in the pilot episode before being burned to death. She reappeared briefly in an alternate universe episode, but continues to be mentioned on the show as she was Sam's first love. The loss of Jess is truly what launched Sam back into hunting, and what gave us the show we love today.



Rowena is undoubtedly one of the best written and performed characters on this show. I can say confidently that her arc, storylines, and backstory are some of the most interesting things to be written in all 15 seasons. One of the only witches that the boys befriend, Rowena once again begins as an enemy who turns into a dear friend. She gets much closer to the brothers than most characters do, especially with Sam, who shares her love of magic and some of her lucifer-induced trauma. She is such a fun character who had unique interactions with each person. Her relationship with her son, Crowley, was especially interesting and made her character all the more complex. When she was killed earlier this season, we were devastated. Luckily, and unsurprisingly, she ran hell the moment she stepped into its fiery depths.

Claire Novak


Claire is one of the only characters, aside from the Winchesters, who we've actually witnessed grow up with our own eyes. First introduced as the young daughter of Jimmy Novak, the man who's body Castiel uses as a vessel, Claire experienced loss at a very young age. Although Sam, Dean, and Cas did everything they could to protect her, she was left with a lot of anger. When Claire returned to the show season later as a teenager, we were able to see her as a new and talented hunter. She was ultimately one of the first girls to be taken in by Jody Mills, and continues to hunt, but now has a family. She's found friendship and family in both the Winchesters and Cas, who love her just as much.



I can't have Claire on this list without Kaiya. Though she was only on the show for a handful of episodes, she made quite the impact. Not only did her character play a large role in the alternate universes plot line, but she was a romantic interest for Claire. The girls bonded immediately, and were meant to be a key part of the spinoff, Wayward Sisters. Kaiya was introduced as a confused kid, but grew into herself and became a strong and powerful character. I only wish we were able to see more of her.

There are a countless number of women I could add to this list. The show is more than just two brothers, it's touched the hearts of fans with every character on the show. As we move into the final episode of Supernatural, it is important to remember the women who made the show what it is too.

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