best fabrics for children's Clothing

Best Fabrics for Children's Clothing

A variety of fabrics are suitable for children's clothes. Safety and comfort should always be the top factors when choosing fabric for kids.


Hello, I'm Emma from Kimi Dog, a wholesale children's clothing company.

Today I'm going to talk about the fabric for children's clothing:

You will know how to choose the right fabric for your kids.

Let's dive right in!

1. Cotton

Cotton is a very suitable fabric for children's clothing. Firstly, cotton is soft and comfortable, which is an ideal fabric for infants. Secondly, it has extraordinary breathability. It may hold moisture longer than polyester, but this helps children's body keep cool in hot weather. Thirdly, it is natural. Parents prefer natural material for their kids. If you want something more natural, consider organic cotton. Fourthly, it barely causes allergies and is very safe for children.

2. Polyester

Polyester has a lot of advantages that cotton doesn't. Firstly, it's strong but flexible. Secondly, it dries quickly and doesn't absorb as much moisture as cotton. Therefore, it is suitable for children's activewear and winter clothes.

3. Cotton/polyester blends

Cotton/polyester blends are the best of both worlds. It has good breathability, strong and flexible. Because mix with polyester, the price is much lower than cotton. It's an ideal fabric for children's clothing.

4. Corduroy

I had many corduroy pants when I was a kid. My mom used to make me wear these because I was a bit of a Brat. Corduroy is tough and keeps you warm. Corduroy is a perfect fabric to making overalls for toddlers.

5, Gingham

Gingham is also an ideal fabric for children's wear. It's suitable for shirts and pretty dresses, skirts. I bet you had an appeal made of Gingham when you were a kid.

6. Flannel

Flannel is warm and soft. Perfect for clothes for cold weather.

7. Fleece

Fleece is an ideal fabric for warm garments and warm accessories such as hats and gloves. Fleece is very easy to sew. Also, fleece garments are a new trend.Did I Miss anything?

Now I'd like to hear from you.

Did I miss something?

Which fabric is your kids' favorite?

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