The Office has seen many many couples in its time, but have you ever wondered how the major couples stack against each other? Read below to find out!

Note: I know that not every couple the show has ever seen is included in here, but all of the main ones are here and are ranked!

Another note: Spoiler warning! If you didn't finish the show yet, and plan on it, proceed with caution!

1. Dwight and Angela

I bet you expected Jim and Pam to be #1. Nope. Yeah Jim and Pam faced hardships, but Dwight and Angela really went though it all, and it took them the entire duration of the show to get hitched. Through the whole show they never stopped loving each other (except maybe when Dwight killed Sprinkles). They're the epitome of "true love prevails."

2. Jim and Pam

They're just the classic couple on the show, everyone's favorite. We saw their relationship bud from innocent flirting and progress to a family of four. We saw them get engaged, get married, get their first house, and have their first child. We were always rooting for them since Day 1. They're an iconic duo.

3. Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

These two come in at number three because they're clearly crazy about each other. Neither one was ever interested in anyone else and they don't shy away from showing their affection wherever they go... Also can we talk about how cute their wedding was? They are certainly one true pair.

4. Michael and Holly

Michael and Holly are the couple everyone was rooting for since Holly made her debut as Toby's replacement. They went through it all, especially after breaking up and having Holly move on. However, like Dwight and Angela, true love prevailed and they ended up together. He moved to Colorado for her! That's love.

5. Erin and Pete

Erin and Pete clearly had strong feelings for each other, and gave off strong "Jim and Pam" vibes. Erin's feelings even began to bud during her relationship with Andy. They were always passionate about each other and even lasted to the finale!

6. Kelly and Darryl

Here is where the relationships on this list start to shift from true love to "just alright." Kelly and Darryl weren't anything special but they weren't bad. He was clearly just a rebound for Kelly when Ryan left, and she dropped him like a fly when Ryan popped up again. It mustn't have been very serious because Darryl wasn't even sad when they broke up. He did not take her BS.

7. Erin and Andy

These two remind me of a middle school crush in the beginning. They're both out there and quirky and just cute for each other. Even if it didn't work out, they were a sweet couple. Andy went all the way to Tallahassee just to show his love, which means a lot.

8. Jim and Karen

Just admit it. They were cute. Yeah we all like him better with Pam, but Jim and Karen had a solid relationship (aside from him being in love with Pam). They're both good people and if Pam wasn't in the show, you know you'd totally root for them.

9. Kelly and Ryan

Okay they were cute sometimes. (Hard on the "sometimes.") But, sometimes Ryan just used her for sex and for money. He was only with her with it was convenient for him. Not to mention he just left her in the dust when he went to New York. Not cool. In the end, at least he realized what he lost.

10. Angela and Andy

Poor Andy. He was in it to win it, and Angela wasn't in it at all... Angela wanted Dwight the whole relationship, while Andy worked his hardest to be the best fiancee to Angela.

11. Roy and Pam

Sometimes, Roy was great to Pam, and other times (*cough* most of the time), he wasn't. It was very clear that Pam wasn't happy with him, and breaking off their engagement was definitely the move. It was NOT cool that he wasn't supportive of her art. But, they're both married and happy now, so it's fine.

12. Michael and Helene

Okay this was weird. He started dating her without knowing her age? He dated her despite the fact that Pam was against it. THEN, he dumped her on her birthday. Their relationship kinda sucked overall.

13. Erin and Gabe

I'm going to be real. They were just not a good couple. Erin definitely wasn't feeling it, but was too nice to say so. Gabe, on the other hand was VERY into Erin, but it just want reciprocated. Creepy, Gabe...

14. Michael and Jan

Michael and Jan were just toxic to each other. From Jan throwing a Dundie into Michael's coveted flat screen and having to talk to the police about yelling, to manipulating Michael in court and exposing his diary. She didn't even let Michael know about Astrid's (Assturd's?) birth.

15. Honorable Mentions: Meredith and the supplier

Not only did Meredith get the office a discount, but she also got some Outback Steakhouse gift cards! You go, Meredith.

16. Honorable Mentions: Michael and the Chair Lady

R.I.P. Chair lady. You and Michael had so much potential, but everything happens for a reason because Michael is meant to be with Holly! Even though it didn't work out, you will always be remembered, Chair Lady.

17. Honorable Mentions: Stanley and his pretzel on Pretzel Day

None of Teri, Cynthia, or Lydia ever made Stanley as happy as the Pretzels on Pretzel Day. Stanley + Pretzel = One True Pair.

18. Creed and his ladies (and maybe men) from the 60's

Back in the 60's, Creed was truly living his best life. He had many partners, and polyamorous relationships count too, right? Also, it wouldn't be an Office article without Creed!