12 Must-See Tours That Are Happening In 2018

12 Must-See Tours That Are Happening In 2018

Which artist will you be seeing next?

What show-stopping artists should you expect to see touring this year? Well here is the breakdown of the 12 must-see tours this concert season!

1. Demi Lovato and Dj Khaled

About the tour- Two show-stopping performers touring together…this is a must-see show! Personally, I have seen Demi Lovato four times in concert and will be seeing her on this tour later this month. Her vocals and stage presence will definitely make the show unforgettable as well as her setlist of pop-rock anthems!

Tour Dates: 2/26-3/31

2. Pink

About the tour– As an artist in the business for over 18 years, Pink has still continued to take the music industry by storm and in support of her new album, "Beautiful Trauma", she will be performing both new and old bops at arenas near you.

Tour Dates: 3/1-9/8

3. Maroon 5

About the tour- This band has been making radio smashing hits for over a decade and a half, and still manage to perform all of these songs on their tours. In addition, Adam Levine is one of the most charming and likable front men touring this year…so there’s that!

Tour Dates: 5/20-10/15

4. Harry Styles

About the tour- A household name for being a teenage heartthrob in One Direction, Harry Styles is now debuting his new solo album on his own world tour. Following up his success with his sales breaking single, ”Sign of the Times,” this tour will definitely be one worth seeing.

Tour Dates: 3/11-7/14

5. Taylor Swift

About the tour- After taking a break from the spotlight, 10 time Grammy winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift will be kicking off her "Reputation" stadium tour. This concert will be nothing less than exceptional from what we’ve seen this past Christmas season where she performed at Jingle Ball and Poptopia. She will also be accompanied by Camilla Cabella and Charli XCX…can someone say GIRL POWER!

Tour Dates: 5/8-10/6

6. Ed Sheeran

About the tour- On his next stadium tour, Sheeran will be promoting his award-winning album “Divide” with singer-songwriter James Blunt as his opening act. This is a fast selling stadium tour so if you are planning on seeing him live I suggest to purchase tickets now rather than later!

Tour Dates: 8/18-11/10

7. Lorde

About the tour- Following her successful Grammy nominated second album, ”Melodrama,” Lorde will be performing all her new coming of age hits at a venue near you this spring.

Tour Dates: 3/1-4/15

8. Sam Smith

About the tour- Following his successful second studio album, "The Thrill of it All", Sam Smith will be touring Canada and the U.S. all this summer. An extra bonus is that each ticket purchased will come with a physical copy of the new album…if you still have a cd player.

Tour Dates: 6/18-9/13

9. Khalid

About the tour- 20-year-old award winning breakout artist, Khalid, will be touring his debut album, "American Teen" on his upcoming tour which will be featuring some of his recent hits “Location” and “Young, Dumb, and Broke.”

Tour Dates: 1/27-6/7

10. Justin Timberlake

About the tour- Super bowl halftime showman, Justin Timberlake will be taking flight on a 10-month long tour in support of his studio album “Man of the Woods. “ The tour is said to take outdoor elements from his music video concepts and will be featuring a mix of songs from different genres.

Tour Dates: 3/13-1/29/19

11. Bon Jovi

About the tour- A classic band who has been touring the world for over 30 years, Bon Jovi has once again announced they will be going on tour, this time supporting their re-release of "This House for Sale". Even if you aren’t a huge fan of this band, they are definitely worth seeing just for their unforgettable live performances.

Tour Dates: 3/14-5/14

12. Miranda Lambert

About the tour- One of the leading ladies of country music, Miranda Lambert will be kicking off her "Living Like Hippies" tour with Jon Pardi this month. In addition to this tour, she will also be joining Little Big Town on “The Bandwagon Tour” this summer which will be sure to be a fast selling show.

Tour Dates: 3/8-8/24

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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My AP Environmental Science Class' Cookie Mining Experiment Shows Why Capitalism Is Destroying The Planet

Who cares about the environment with profits this high?


With the AP exams in May approaching quickly, my AP Environmental Science class has wasted no time in jumping right into labs. To demonstrate the damage to the environment done by strip mining, we were instructed to remove the chocolate chips from cookies.

The experiment in itself was rather simple. We profited from fully or partially extracted chips ($8 for a full piece and $4 for a partial) and lost from buying tools, using time and area and incurring fines.

This might seem simplistic, but it showcased the nature of disastrous fossil fuel companies.

We were fined a $1 per minute we spent mining. It cost $4 per tool we bought (either tweezers or paper clips) and 50 cents for every square centimeter of cookie we mined.

Despite the seemingly overbearing charges compared to the sole way to profit, it was actually really easy to profit.

If we found even a partial chocolate chip per minute, that's $3 profit or utilization elsewhere. Tools were an investment that could be made up each with a partial chip, and clearly we were able to find much, much more than just one partial chip per tool.

Perhaps the most disproportionally easiest thing to get around were the fines. We were liable to be fined for habitat destruction, dangerous mining conditions with faulty tools, clutter, mess and noise level. No one in the class got fined for noise level nor faulty tools, but we got hit with habitat destruction and clutter, both of which added up to a mere $6.

We managed to avoid higher fines by deceiving our teacher by pushing together the broken cookie landscapes and swiping away the majority of our mess before being examined for fining purposes. This was amidst all of our cookies being broken into at least three portions.

After finding many, many chips, despite the costs of mining, we profited over $100. We earned a Franklin for destroying our sugary environment.

We weren't even the worst group.

It was kind of funny the situations other groups simulated to their cookies. We were meant to represent strip mining, but one group decided to represent mountaintop removal. Mountaintop removal is where companies go to extract resources from the tops of mountains via explosions to literally blow the tops off. This group did this by literally pulverizing their cookies to bits and pieces with their fists.

They incurred the maximum fine of $45. They didn't profit $100, however.

They profited over $500 dollars.

In the context of our environmental science class, these situations were anywhere from funny to satisfying. In the context of the real world, however, the consequences are devastating our environment.

Without even mentioning the current trajectory we're on approaching a near irreversible global temperature increase even if we took drastic measures this moment, mining and fracking is literally destroying ecosystems.

We think of earthquakes as creating mass amounts of sudden movement and unholy deep trenches as they fracture our crust. With dangerous mining habits, we do this ourselves.

Bigger companies not even related to mining end up destroying the planet and even hundreds of thousands of lives. ExxonMobil, BP? Still thriving in business after serial oil spills over the course of their operation. Purdue Pharma, the company who has misled the medical community for decades about the effects of OxyContin and its potential for abuse, is still running and ruining multitudes more lives every single day.

Did these companies receive fines? Yes.

But their business model is too profitable to make the fines have just about any effect upon their operation.

In our cookie mining simulation, we found that completely obliterating the landscape was much more profitable than being careful and walking on eggshells around the laws. Large, too-big-to-fail companies have held the future of our planet in their greedy paws and have likewise pulverized our environment, soon enough to be unable to return from.

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