Coffeehouses are the cornerstone of 21st-century millennial culture - places where we gather to share, to dream, and of course, to talk politics and philosophy.

Next time you are in Washington, D.C., and looking for a good coffeehouse for a great discussion, I humbly suggest the following:

1. Ebenezers Coffeehouse

Ahh, an iconic place in the quaint Capitol Hill neighborhood. Close to Union Station and to the Capitol, it's a cozy spot to go and find a little haven of cozy chairs, brick rooms, and good, ethically sourced coffee. Has the feel of an 18th-century cafe!

2. Arepa Zone

Technically not a coffeehouse, but it has amazing coffee. This little Venezuelan place by the White House is always bustling with energy and great food!

3. Firehook Bakery

Not just a bakery, but a coffeehouse as well! Located right by the Library of Congress and the Capitol (on the House Chamber side), it is frequently visited by reporters. This little bakery always smells like fresh bread and coffee.
(Note: the above picture isn't of the bakery but of a cute Capitol Hill street.)

4. Pret A Manger

An international chain, but it has amazing Peruvian coffee! And they give all their leftover food to the homeless.

5. Juan Valdez Café

A Latin American chain with glorious coffee! I have been once and would love to go more often. It's down on the other side of D.C. by the White House, the Organization of American States (with "American" referring to the entire Western Hemisphere), and the Simón Bolívar Statue. Ethically sourced coffee with a very Colombian vibe!

Those are my favorites, my dear readers. Do you have any coffeehouses in D.C. to recommend?