Top Christmas Gift Websites And $10 Gift Ideas
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Top Christmas Gift Websites And $10 Gift Ideas

Unwillingness to stand in long lines + tight budget + friends and family in need of presents = this is the master list for all your holiday shopping!

Top Christmas Gift Websites And $10 Gift Ideas

It's about that time -- the time to get Christmas presents. It can be difficult to navigate, but you definitely don't want to wait until the last minute to buy gifts, like you might have done last year. This time, don't wait in long lines and look forever in shops for the right presents! The following online stores have proven trustworthy, and some offer bonus incentives (like free money to spend on the site when you make referrals), so you don't have to completely bleed your wallet in order to purchase your small tokens of appreciation for people. It's relatively easy on all of these sites to find gifts for approximately $10, so if that's your price range, here's to some happier shopping this year from the comfort of your couch and laptop!


A little bit of something for everyone

From toys to cat necklaces to model rockets to camping gear, has a category of gifts for almost anyone. The best part? When you order over $35 worth of items, they'll give you free shipping. Order stuff for the whole family, and you'll be happy you got it all at one place with a deal like that (and their cheap prices; remember, always order your search by "price - low to high"). 1.5" Heart Shape Flower Engraved Locket Pendant and 28 Inch Chain - $9.99

This gift is sure to please any special lady in your life. Place a picture of you and your special someone inside this locket and she'll probably always wear it, and always be opening it to take a peek at how adorable you are as a couple. Coleman One-Person Aluminum Mess Kit - $8.76

Know a mountain-man or woman who is practically homeless because they're always outside? Get them a personal mess kit, perfect for life on the trail.


For the sports enthusiasts on your list

Left Lane Sports boasts a large selection of sporting goods and supplies, including brand-name tennis shoes, workout clothing, camping gear, surfing supplies and more. Anything from this site would be a surefire win with the athletic friends and family you have. They constantly rotate out their selection and bring in new stuff, so if you don't see the perfect gift now, you may see it later. ASICS SS Tee - Men's - $13.95; TYR Camo Swim Cap - Unisex - $6.45

For runners, hikers, swimmers, surfers, and any sport - there's something for them at Left Lane.


For the artsy/quirky people on your list

Etsy is a site dedicated to selling various crafts that people make. They sign up for a store on the site, and, for a small fee, list various handicrafts they've created. Vintage clothes and jewelry are also popular on Etsy. If you have someone who's a little eccentric and fashionable to get a gift for, is definitely the place you'll want to go. The best part? Some items can be customized or engraved, like jewelry. Secret: we got my husband's wedding band from this site for $20, and the store even offered free engraving on the ring. Wax Seal Stamp - Letter Initial, Classic Font, European Style - $9.99

Perfect for your friend who is obsessed with Jane Austen and writing letters! They also sell seal wax on Etsy for cheap, and this seal stamp comes in all the letters of the alphabet. Vintage Sparrow Barrette - Made in France 1960s - $10.00

Holden the Hipster Sloth on a Penny Farthing bicycle dictionary page art print - $6.99

Etsy has literally everything you could ever really want, including vintage barrettes and dictionary pages with old-school rolling sloths on them. Seriously, if you want a unique gift, look at Etsy.


For the nerds and geeks in your life

Everyone knows that person whose whole life revolves around Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics, Doctor Who, science, or anything geeky and nerdy. has products and gifts from just about every major TV and movie franchise. The "sale" and "Gifts under $10" are great sections to start browsing! Pocket POP Keychains: Avengers 2 or Batman, "Tiny Justice"- $4.50 each

They're cute, portable, and might protect your keys with their last dying breath if anyone tries to steal them. Anyone who wants "tiny justice" would love one or two of these lil' guys as a gift. Personal Potato Chip Maker - $9.99

Chip aficionados

(or anyone who likes food) will LOVE this present since it slices the chips nice and thin, and then has a special holder to microwave them in. How awesome would these be with salt and vinegar thrown on them? Batman Logo Windshield Sunshade - $4.99

Give your gift the friend of a Batmobile - or at least the appearance of one! Because bats and batmen don't like sunlight OR hot cars.


Gifts for Mom, Dad, your siblings, and the kiddos. is site which I like to describe as a "random roulette" of gifts and fun items that changes every day. Items listed on the site are sold in large quantities, so they can afford to minimize their profit on each individual item and turn the savings over to you! Because of the nature of the site, you can never be sure what items will be sold from one day to the next (and after about four days they'll get rid of an item and replace it with a new one) but it's always worth it to keep checking back to see what they're offering. The best part? You can refer your friends to sign up for a free account, and if they purchase $20 worth of items you'll get a $10 credit to spend however you want on the site! Here's the link to get a free account with them (they will send you emails about the different items they're offering each week): Shotgun shell bangle - $8.99

For the girl who's a little more edgy and hip, here's some real shotgun shells on a pretty bracelet. Boho Burnish Necklace - $5.99

For girls with classic, natural style, here's a beautiful necklace that's sure to please. Star Wars For Littles - 43 Styles - $3.45 each

These and other cute kid decorations and toys abound on Groopdealz. The force would be strong with any child (or adult) who sees these fun parodies on their wall every day.


The best site for gifts. It just is. is my personal favorite, and I've been ordering stuff from them for years. They have clothing for men, women, and children, home decor items, shoes, toys, gadgets, and more. They follow a model similar to, because they sell items in batches and after about four days of an item being listed for sale, they'll take it off and replace it with new items. Their prices are significantly cheaper than regular retail, and often they carry name brands like Asics, Under Armour, b.o.c., Clark's, Realtree camouflage, name brand perfumes and colognes, Star Wars gifts, and pretty much everything.

Take a look and explore what they have; it changes every day and the deals are AWESOME. Be aware, though, that often items take a few weeks to ship because of how their suppliers ship the items to them after the orders have come through -- so make sure whatever you're ordering has a little red present in the corner or top indicating it will arrive by Christmas. The best part? When you refer someone to the site and they purchase anything from the site, you get $15 to spend however you want on Zulily! Here's a link to sign up for a free account: Pinecone Candleholder - $9.99

Know someone who has woodsy, classy decor or loves their indoors looking like the outdoors? Perfect gift. Garnet & Gold Halo Stud Earrings; Sapphire & Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant Necklace - $11.99 each

These have real gemstones at a real steal. The woman you give it to will think you must love her a great deal to have bought her what she will think is a $40 gift.

Zulilycom: Rock Guitar Tongs - $12.99; Rock Guitar Spatula - $13.99

We all know that person who loves to grill. Now they can grill with some real flair and maybe do some air guitar at the same time! New York Eye Shadow Palette Three-Piece Set by Khasana - $10.99

Zulily carries tons of cosmetics and fancy lotions/healthcare items, great for any girls you know who love to primp and pamper themselves. Teal Fleece Hooded Toggle Coat by Yoki - $14.79

Super cute and practical to keep a girl warm. Zulily has a ton of cute clothing for great prices. Moose Oven Mitt - $6.99; Mini Foosball Table - $14.99

It's a moose oven mitt. Who wouldn't love that? And foosball is the ultimate game of wrist flicking champions.

May this holiday season bring you successful gift shopping and happy gift recipients! This is the season of giving, and your friends and family are sure to be pleased with these gifts while you'll be pleased with your thriftiness this Christmas. Share with your friends and family if you see something you or they might like!

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