Summer is right around the corner, and for all of you beer drinkers out there, we know that means - less focus on the porters and stouts (well, most of us) and time for some refreshing IPAs. However, not everyone enjoys IPAs.

Some enjoy a regular light beer, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, without further undue, here are 10 light beers you drink at parties, ranked, as long as you don’t take drinking beer lightly. Mind you, I’ve had all of these and if you were hoping for an ABV percentage comparison, forget about it – most of these are within a tenth of a percentage of each other. Your only outlier is Natural Ice (a deadly favorite). After all, the art of drinking beer is a gift – dilly, dilly.

Starting off with #10, we have Michelob Ultra.

This is a beer more so known for its “low carbs.” It’s quite popular as a handoff after races within the Chicagoland area. Now, not all races in the city have beer available post-race, but if they do, this is very likely the option. Why? It’s because people just finished a race. You think they’ll be able to guzzle an IPA – probably, not. A nice and easy description to remember this one is “sugary malt juice.”

We go from Michelob to #9 Corona Light.

Described as a regular old shotty keg brew,” this one never hits home, and that’s why we have it so high on the list. If you’re going to have a Corona, go with a regular. Yes, you’ll hear complaints about the regular Model’s smell – that’s all based on nose sensitivity. Put a lime in there and it’s time to shut up and slug it.

Moving forward, next up is #8: Keystone Light.

This is your classic college caliber beer, right next to Busch Light – which of course made this list too. This one lives at college parties and comes in slimmer cans, and to this day, I never understood why. Dad told me that Keystone used to be one of the best on the market, but that was back in the early 80’s. A lot has changed since then dad!

Lucky #7 is for Busch Light.

And it would make sense that this one comes right after Keystone Light, these are the college beer fraternal twins – easy to chug for shot guns, beer pong, flippy cup, the list goes on. I managed to find this epic description of this brew and couldn’t help but include it: "Sure if that's all you've got. I'm thirsty, and free beer don't grow on trees."

“Six, six, six, the Number of the Beast…” well not exactly, just #6 is Coors Light.

Some of you Coors Light fans are probably offended by such a ranking, but I’m not sorry. This is probably my least favorite out of this entire list, but luckily it lands in as number six. If served at the “proper” temperature, the can turns a light blue, or at least it used to. Regardless, it’s not a top five, and for a good reason.

And into the top five we go, #5 goes to Bud Light Platinum.

This one is the second most potent on this list, and more potent than most average American beers. It’s still only served in a bottle, and I believe a lot of that had to do with the “classy” nature the beer was going after. Classy or not, you’re still getting buzzed from this winner.

And then there were four. Our #4 is going to Natural Ice.

I’ll be completely transparent here; I don’t remember the last time I had this one. It’s a real killer at 5.9% ABV. If you’re looking for decent taste, you won’t find it here. This one is our top ABV, so beware, it’ll have you in a haze real quick.

#3 is Bud Light.

I used to be a massive Bud Light drinker, but life has changed. Number one is now the new top dog if I am going to have a light beer. Regardless of my preference, the descriptions of some of these are hysterical, and I wish I came up with them on my own. Here’s one that should tickle your fancy, “you could suck Bud Light straight from the stainless steel teat, and it would still taste like regular Budweiser infused with the filters of a thousand discount cigarettes.”

#2 was probably my hardest decision to make out of all of these, but a decision must be made, and Natural Light receives the silver medal.

Here’s the scoop on this one, it’s the sixth most popular beer in the United States. This one was introduced in 1977, five years before Bud Light, but it still tastes like a dry sack of hay.

Drum roll for this one…#1 goes to Miller Lite, of course.

To this day it’s hard to believe this is #1, but it makes sense. Plug and chug, enjoy some of that excellent Wisconsin greatness, folks!