There are a variety of addictive substances that have led people to essentially harm their lives due to the mental illness related to addiction. Along with alcohol and nicotine addiction, there are many people who have suffered from benzodiazepine addiction. Benzodiazepines are drugs that are specifically meant to treat anxiety as well as some other mental conditions. Essentially, these drugs affect neurotransmitters in the brain.

Some people abuse Benzo and it can lead to a very difficult future for these individuals. However, withdrawal and addiction recovery from benzodiazepine drugs is possible.

Betsy's Story of Withdrawing from Benzos

For instance, one success story comes from Betsy, who had been prescribed Xanax after feeling panic upon giving birth to her first child. The anxiety that came with postpartum depression was too severe and her doctor prescribed her this type of medication. While she started with a small dose, her anxiety did not go away completely and she continued to need bigger and bigger dosages when her fears overtook her.

While she had no trouble going off of the Xanax upon becoming pregnant with her second child, her doctor kept prescribing the medication after every birth. She began benzodiazepines after the second and third child she carried to term. Eventually, her dosages became higher and higher until her body was starting to feel a nearly toxic effect while her brain still felt anxiety and depression.

After ending up in the hospital and speaking to doctors at her mental health center, Betsy was able to wean off her medications and has now been off of antidepressants and antianxiety pills for two months. She speaks of how her life has changed for the better. She is looking forward to a healthier life with her family as she begins to heal from years spent on these drugs.

Jim's Story about an Addiction to Xanax

The thing is, benzo withdrawal is a difficult thing to overcome, but it clearly can be done. There are countless people that have undergone this. Another story comes from Jim, who underwent multiple panic attacks and was also prescribed Xanax to alleviate the anxiety associated with panic attacks.

However, the reason for Jim's panic attacks was actually due to a lack of sleep and taking in too much coffee while smoking cigarettes as well. After researching about the dangers of this drug, Jim asked his doctor and found out that people are often on Xanax for life once they start taking it. Jim began tapering off this drug after nine months. Withdrawing from this medication proved difficult, especially in the first month. On an emotional and mental health level, he was feeling truly subpar. He suffered anxiety attacks and lightheadedness as well as depersonalization.

However, after several months off of benzodiazepine drugs, Jim was feeling much better. One of the ways he achieved a better future is by partaking in running three times per week, changing his diet and increasing vitamin intake, daily meditation, visualization methods, and prayer.

While these drugs can be very addictive, it is clearly possible to work hard and take on new activities that will help you taper off and withdraw from benzodiazepines. With a little bit of help from experts, friends, and family, you won't need to continue a life of addiction.