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If Y'all Can Relate To These 18 Things, It's Proof You Belong In The South

Family gatherings are a little dysfunctional and family photos are nearly non-existent but you wouldn't want it any other way.

If Y'all Can Relate To These 18 Things, It's Proof You Belong In The South
Brianna Allen

According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of The South is "the best damn place" and I can't say I disagree. The accents, the food, the boots, and the family-centered atmospheres are exactly how I describe home.

Although I've never spent much time up North, I know these are some of the many things that make the South special. Chances are if you can relate to these 18 things, the South is where you should call home.

1. Everywhere you go, someone comments on your accent.


People tend to be surprised when you open your mouth. Some are just in awe and some think your accent is just "so cute".

2. Jeans and boots are considered dressy for you.


Whether you're going to dinner with your family, the bar, or on a first date, chances are you are wearing jeans and cowboy boots... and you are also attracted to men in jeans and cowboys boots.

3. You say ma'am, sir, please, and thank you constantly.

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You find yourself saying please and thank you to everyone despite their age. You even find yourself correcting you friends, which annoys the heck out of them.

4. You or someone in your family is a dedicated back row Baptist.


Baptists are a different bread of people. They sit in the same pew every Sunday, they are tight with their money, and they complain about everything, but regardless, they are in that church every week getting their Jesus on.

5. Your Nanny or Mamaw couldn't fathom stepping out of the house without a full face of makeup on.


No matter where she is going, your grandma has a FULL face of makeup on every time she steps out of the house. Sometimes she may not even be going anywhere, she just puts it on in case anyone comes "visitin'".

Oh, and don't forget the lipstick. She has every shade of pink and red that Mary Kay has ever made.

6. You expect men to hold doors for you.


It's not that you can't open a door for yourself, you just love when a guy does it for you. When a guy opens a door for you, it's a gentle reminder that guys actually do think of someone other than themselves occasionally.

7. 90% of the men in your life have facial hair.

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Beards are honestly just better. End of discussion.

8. Your family is way louder than it should be.


It's almost like your family has pocket mega-phones that they carry around everywhere they go. Your family always seems to be the loudest no matter how big of a crowd there is, which can be a blessing and a curse.

9. You've probably drank something clear (or not so clear) out of a mason jar at some point in your life.


Maybe his name is Buddy or maybe his name is Bubba or maybe you don't even know his name. Regardless of his name, you just know that you know a guy that knows a guy that makes that clear stuff that gets you feeling real good at family gatherings. In my world, that man's name is Bobby and he is a blessing.

10. You can hold a conversation with anyone you meet.


You were that kid in elementary school that could be moved anywhere in the classroom and you could still find someone to talk to. You tend to make friends everywhere you go and you normally have to drag your dad out of restaurants and sporting events because he literally cannot stop talking to someone.

11. There is a deer, a fish, a duck, or a turkey mounted in your family room.


Your dad is still mighty proud of the fish he caught in 2003. Mom hates that it's in the family room but she decided a long time ago that it was a battle that wasn't worth fighting so there it is, still mounted right above the couch.

12. Fried is a food category.


Fried chicken, fried cornbread, fried potatoes, fried eggs, fried fish. A little flour and some hot grease has a way of making every meal better.

13. Your mama cooks a "green" with every meal.


Despite all the fried food, your mama has instilled in you that if a meal doesn't have a green, its not a meal. Even if its green bean casserole or fried okra, there has to be SOMETHING green.

14. You've ridden in the back of a truck a time or two.


The back of a truck is a perfectly acceptable mode of transportation.

15. Your favorite bar plays mostly country music and you wouldn't want it any other way.


You go to the same bar with the same people every weekend and continue to spend way too much money. Yes, you embarrass yourself time after time but someone has to pay to keep the lights on at that hole in the wall bar and you just so happen to be that person.

16. Your daddy has a "shop" in the back yard.


A shop is kind of like a garage but with more tools and more mess. It's not for cars or hanging out, it just a space for the abundant collection of tools and things that your dad has accumulated over the years. You're not really sure what all the "stuff" is for but you are glad he has it simply because he can fix everything you break.

17. You are really close to your cousins.

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You are really close to your cousins. You may even be close to your second and third cousins. Family gathering are a little dysfunctional and family photos are nearly non-existent but you wouldn't want it any other way.

18. You would much rather take a back road than a highway.


Highways give you anxiety and you would much rather be on a back road with the windows down than a highway any day. You've even been known to take the "scenic route" just to avoid traffic.

I can't imagine myself settling down anywhere that isn't south of the Mason Dixon. It's just something about the South that makes sweet tea a little sweeter, fried chicken a little crispier, and the grain alcohol a little stronger.

Even if you aren't from the South, I recommend you pay it a visit even if it is just for a good home cooked meal and some good conversation.

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