You Don't Actually Believe In God

Have you ever had so much faith in something (or in yourself), and then someone comes around, tells you that you don’t actually believe in it, and then you begin to question whether or not you really do? Not that you have any real doubts about your belief, but just because someone put that idea into your head.

Chances are, you either have or you will. Whether it be your religion, your love for God, yourself, or whatever it is, the belief that gives you hope, guidance, and happiness is suddenly shut down. It’s heartbreaking and heart-wrenching. Why do they get to decide what I believe in? Yet, their words still get to your head.

This conversation came up when a friend called me to tell me his girlfriend was breaking up with him because she decided that he didn't actually believe in God. My mouth kind of dropped: why does she get to decide what you believe in?

But then, I came to the realization that people question all the time whether or not I'm really a Christian because of the way I go about myself, and for some odd reason I start to question whether or not I'm a good enough believer. But why? Why does someone else get to decide what someone else believes in, loves, or thinks?

So today, I’m here to remind you that your faith, your beliefs, your relationship with God do not need to be justified by anyone. People don’t have to believe you; you’re not a believer for them, you’re a believer for yourself. You don’t owe anybody justification or an explanation.

Here’s the deal, short and sweet: you believe in what you believe in, if you want to believe, and how hard you want to believe. It is your belief and you make the decision on how you're going to use it in your life.

When it comes to religion or anything in life, it is different for everybody. Everybody views it differently, uses it differently, believes in it differently, acts on it differently, and so on. It’s never the same for any two people, so why shun somebody for not believing in exactly what you believe in?

I don’t believe in conformation, I hardly believe in the Bible, and I sure as heck swear. Does that make my love for God any less than the person who goes to church three times a week, never swears, and reads the Bible every day? No, we’re just loving differently; we’re each loving in a way that works best for ourselves.

Don’t let anybody tell you how your faith should be. Other people don’t get to decide if you’re really a true believer, what you believe, or how hard you believe in something. Nobody gets to tell you that you’re not a believer because you maybe don’t go about it in the same way. Maybe you don’t talk about it as much, maybe you don’t go to Church every Sunday, or read the Bible every night.

Christianity is fun to do with somebody — it’s fun to grow in the Lord together with someone you love — but it’s everybody’s own journey, their own individual relationship with the Lord. It’s never the same for any two people, and it shouldn’t be. It’s unique, personalized, and what fits one best.

No matter what anybody says, if your faith is big enough for you, then your faith is big enough. You decide if you’re a believer, and don’t change it for anybody.

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