I Believe We Can End Gun Violence

Year after year, Month after month, Weeks after weeks, Days after days, we hear so many tragic stories about violence particularly gun violence. It is sad to say that we live in a world of violence. From the Las Vegas shooting where Steven Paddock gunned down from his Mandalay Bay hotel room at innocent concertgoers at a Jason Aldean concert killing 58 people and injuring dozens then about week or two later a terrorist attack took place in Lower Manhattan where Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov rented a Home Depot truck and ran over and hit innocent people while they were walking, jogging, biking, etc.. He then got out of the car and started to wave a pellet gun and a paintball gun in the air. Sayfullo killed 8 people and injured around 11 or more people. Then a few weeks after this horrific attack, we hear about a church shooting in Sutherland, Texas where Devin Kelley walked into a church and started to spray bullets all over the church killing about 26 people and injuring lots of people. What do these three horrific events have in common? THEY BOTH HAD GUN USE.

After these three incidents, there have people all over the U.S. demanding more gun control laws. We as a nation have to protect the citizens of the U.S. but unfortunately, with Donald Trump in office, we won't be seeing much needed adding on gun control laws anytime soon. But as the days go on there will be more horrific attacks involving guns and therefore if we do something about the use of guns then maybe we could have a shot of eliminating the amount of gun violence.

We need to have laws where extensive background checks are required before anyone buys a gun. And those that are convicted of committing a crime using a gun should be banned for life from buying a gun. You must go through gun safety training prior to you bringing a gun home with you. Unfortunately, there will never be a time where violence is going to occur. We are living in a world of fear and violence. Yes were U.S. citizens are lucky that we aren't in a place of war but it feels as if we are with all of the gun violence. I hate to say it but when you step out of your front door you expect that you will return home no doubt about that but those people in Vegas, NYC, and Texas they thought that they were going to a concert or go for a bike ride or attend church however some of those people will never be able to walk through that front door because their lives were taken from them from the unse of guns.

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