One of the best feelings in the world for lovers of music is when you find a song, album, or artist that can literally put your mind to a whole new perspective. It could be the angelic sound of their voice, the manifesting lyrics, or the rhythm you can't stop thinking about.

On an adventure to the beach with two of the craziest people I know is when I first heard a song by Kat Dahlia. My first thought after hearing her song, "I Think I'm In Love" is that she sounded like a clear mix between Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Now I realize that was wrong of me to associate her voice with two other artists because she has her own unique sound that shouldn't be compared to anyone else. I was so impressed with her musicality and I only listened to the song one time. After this day, I was intrigued to find more of her music. Her album, My Garden, features songs that all have their own distinct sound. That makes it super easy to find at least one song that you can connect to.

The music industry is one tough place for musicians to make themselves and their work known. It's a place where life-long dreams are crushed but better yet, a place where all your dreams can come true in an instant.

Recently Kat Dahlia took a big step in her up and coming career and decided to no longer be signed to Epic Records and to become an independent artist. It's so important to recognize that being signed to a label doesn't determine your artistic abilities and clearly Kat is showing the world that. This gives her the opportunity to be free with her music and really create whatever she wants to and ultimately be happier.

I'm personally impacted by Kat's music everyday and her motivation to overcome all the negatives in the music industry. No other artist has influenced my life like she has. She helped me realize that life is an ongoing adventure that you should never take for granted and that your dreams can be fulfilled when you are genuinely happy.

I encourage any young musician that wants to pursue their career, to not get caught up in the drama of the "Hollywood scene". Make music that you feel proud of and show the world what it means to be an authentic artist. If you have the chance of being signed to a label, make sure they never try to manipulate who you really are as a person and a musician. I'm thankful that Kat realized her true self worth and that she can still make incredible music.

The only question now is, when will Kat Dahlia become the next best female artist this generation so desperately needs?