Well, Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is right around the corner... And I'm still single. Three years ago, I never would have thought I'd have to spend another holiday alone. Two years and many holidays later and here we are. More single than the last year's holidays.

But I'm okay with that.

This year, the new fad is "cuffing season". And I'm here to tell you why that is nothing but a load of crap.

I hear a lot of my single friends complain about being single during the holidays and pray and wish some guy/girl would show up out of nowhere just so they can have someone to share these "magical" moments with... but why?

Cuffing season is bologna. I have been single for two thanksgivings, two Christmas's, two new year's eve's, and no part of me is wishing I was dating someone. I am happy enjoying my singleness because you never know if this could be the last holiday spent alone.

I am enjoying my family's company, my friends, and me. I'm enjoying focusing on myself and giving back to the people who have been there for me since day one.

I don't want to be "cuffed" during this holiday season. I'm taking this time to understand what it's like to be alone, be free, and honestly just be in a relationship with myself.

The cuffing season can kiss my butt. Enjoy your time being single because it could change in a blink of an eye (or a couple blinks if you're like me). Next holiday season everything could be different, so I'm going to embrace being single before I'm not anymore.

Enjoy your freedom, your friends, your family. So that one day you can appreciate all of those things, even more, sitting by the love of your life.

Who cares about being single during the holidays? So what, you don't get a partner to go ice skating, see Christmas lights, or exchange gifts with. Enjoy the people you already have around you so that one day, when you aren't single anymore, those memories you made with your friends and family when you were single will be extra special.

Bye, "cuffing season". I'm not afraid (nor should you be) of being single this holiday season.