8 Reasons Being Sick Isn't Sick In College

8 Reasons Being Sick Isn't Sick In College

I need my mom, blanket and cartoons.

I had no time to prepare. I knew the inevitable was slowing approaching, even when I did everything in my power to avoid it. Last weekend was going beautifully, I work every day and was ready to make money on those double shifts. That is, until Saturday I wake up on my death bed. It was a full blown virus, one I hoped wouldn't last long. I drank a gallon of water, stocked up on soup, and popped vitamins like they were going out of style. I had hoped that would be enough, but sadly I woke up worse the following day. I was deciding between going to the hospital or working my 12-hour shift (as any college kid knows they really need that money).

Naturally, I chose to tough it out, giving myself the "you're not that sick, tough it up" pep talk. Boy, was I wrong. When Monday came, I fell asleep in every class and was seeing stars every time I walked. I was dehydrated, dazed, and dying. Whether you choose to stay in bed to sweat out the sickness or attend all five of your classes for the day, we can all agree one one thing; Being sick in college is a nightmare. When it comes to being away from college, here's how you'll feel when it comes to being sick.

1. You miss your mom.

Your number one person to run to when you're sick isn't there in college. You'll find yourself calling out her name while you're having hallucinations in bed from the five shots of NyQuil you tossed back. There will never come a day where you don't want your parents there to help take care of you while you're sick. Most of us (including myself) know pretty well if they don't take care of us when sick, no one will.

2. Simple tasks become difficult.

Getting out of bed? Can't. Want to brush your teeth? Dead. Find a t-shirt to wear? Struggle. Any simple everyday task feels like pulling teeth. You take one flight of stairs and you feel like you're about to tip over and pass out. Since when did being sick involve almost fainting from lack of energy?

3. Everything puts you to sleep.

Whether it's watching television, studying for your exam the following day, or checking social media, you'll likely pass out. When being sick, it's like your body forces you into a coma in order to revive itself from the virus that has taken over. Your immune system sometimes just needs a little R&R.

4. The loss of appetite.

You're used to being hungry every second of the day (being as you are a college student on a budget), That is, until you haven't moved all the day and the sight of anything remotely close to food has your stomach turning. You may not even have the flu, yet you feel like puking just from seeing food on the television. It's the biggest love/hate relationship you'll experience.

5. Question going home.

Is it worth driving four hours to have my mom take care of me? It just might be. Questioning driving home has crossed my mind numerous times while being sick. I just have to remind myself that being in a car for four hours while sick would make me more nauseated and stressed than I already am.

6. Hit pause on your social life.

You were planning on going out to see some friends tonight? *Your immune system laughs* as it decides to turn off for the evening and a wave of sickness consumes you. Whether you were just going to hang out and watch a movie or go grab dinner, and human interaction is put to a halt as you can't risk getting your friends sick.

7. Refuse to leave your room.

If you had plans, it's not like you'd actually want to go anyways. You barely made it out of your bed to get to your mandatory lecture today, how would you even begin to find the energy to make it through a night out on the town? You won't. So instead you heat up some soup and tea and lay in bed watching reruns of "Friends" and "One Tree Hill."

8. Feel victorious when you recover.

It's day four of being sick and you wake up with slightly less pounding in your head than the day before. You can also begin to breathe again you realize you no longer feel the need to blow your nose for some relief. Oh what a glorious day, you're finally recovering and you've never felt more alive. Why not decide to go out? We both know you'll wake up a few days later questioning why you didn't just let yourself fully recover anyways. It's a never ending cycle of being sick while in college.

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7 Ways To Embrace Self Care And Level Up

4. Have a spa day for to treat 'yo self.

2018 should be all about self-care. You should be taking care of yourself, for yourself. Trust me, I know it's easier said than done. It is so easy to put others and their happiness before yourself. But it's time to stop. Make time for yourself and make time for your own happiness. If you are feeling down or a little depressed, it's time for some self-care. Here are some super easy and super helpful ways to do some self-care.

1. Block, mute and unfollow toxic people on social media.

Do not be afraid to block, mute or unfollow toxic people on social media. Seeing their posts can make you so depressed and it isn't worth it. If they get mad, then whatever. There are more important things in life than a number of followers.

2. Learn to take time for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with taking time for you. Make time to be alone and have some time to relax with nobody else around to bug you. It is totally okay to be alone. Embrace the alone time.

3. Make a to-do list of everything you need to do and start checking things off.

Make a list of everything you need to do. Even pencil in time for your friends or to clean and relax. Then get to work and start checking things off. Seeing everything you need to do and then seeing it all get done will feel so good.

4. Have a spa day for to treat 'yo self.

Take a bubble bath. Do a face mask. Make yourself feel good. Taking a nice long bath and having a true spa day will make you feel amazing.

5. Have a giant glass of wine.

A nice glass of wine after a stressful day is my favorite form of self-care. Treat yo self, You deserve it. Grab a glass of wine and watch your favorite tv show while in your sweats. There's nothing better.

6. Start journaling.

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7. Get some sleep, eat a healthy meal and drink water.

The number one reason you may be feeling down or crappy is because you're not sleeping, eating well or drinking water. You may feel like you need to stay up late to get everything you need to do done, but you don't. Go to bed at a normal time and stay on top of your sleep. Also, make sure you're eating relatively healthy meals and you're drinking plenty of water. Water is seriously magic and can always make you feel better.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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