What It Means to Be Seventeen

Poetry: Seventeen

What does it mean to be seventeen?



Opportunities in life are bursting at the seams.

My eyes are almost as big as my dreams.


So many things I haven't done, far too many places I haven't been.

But ahead I have a life of adventure and adversity unforeseen.


I know how to drive, wash dishes, and keep the house clean,

I think I'm already an adult, but I don't really know what it means.


Strappy tanks from the mall and brand name skinny jeans.

Mascara and lipgloss form a part of my daily routine.


Going to sleep at 8 p.m. or 3 a.m., no in between.

And all of my friends have all been replaced with caffeine.


All day I type words onto a backlit screen.

I'm tired of being a relentless machine.

Tired of running on gasoline.

Working out just to look like a figurine.

On the glossy pages of a magazine.

Who doesn't even look like that herself.

I'm seventeen.

But my parents seem to think otherwise

When about a boyfriend, I'm five

When getting groceries, I'm twenty three

When managing money, I'm sixty

When it's bedtime, I'm eight

I'm seventeen

And everyone around me

Is like everyone else

All trying to be "cool" and "funny" and "lit"

But I just can't seem to get with it

I remain an anomaly

I'm seventeen and I'm breaking the flow.

I'm tired of ignorant people who don't bother to know

About the problems that plague our world today

I'm seventeen and I have something to say.

I know I am the embodiment of your expectations

Still, I am but a child, and I succumb to my temptations

Forgive me for failing you every once in a while

I try, really, I do.

I believe I am the youth,

That my voice has a purpose

Can I really use it to make change?

The thought makes me nervous

Still, I'll push on

Through the calculus problems

Through the fading friendships

Through the crippling self-doubt

Through the crumbling walls I glued apart at the edges

Through the sleep deprivation

Because at seventeen, I can't do without


And his sugary texts at midnight.

And scrolling endlessly through Instagram memes.

And literal liquid gold, also known as queso from Moe's.

And my best friend, eight thousand miles away, sending me a message every night.

I can't do without the promise of a new tomorrow.

A tomorrow I build with my own two hands and those of my generation.

A tomorrow where I find myself, and also the cure for cancer.

A tomorrow where I, like my poetry, can be anything I want it to be.

Because I'm seventeen.

And this is just the beginning.

I have my whole life in front of me.

It's going to be legendary.

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Why Job Hunting Is An Absolute Nightmare

Is there an easy way out?


Since I was seventeen, I've moved from job to job with little to no stress. I utilized the common practice of finding a new job before you leave your old one. After working my first retail job for a little less than a year, I found out I would be relocating to a new state with my family. Without even thinking, I started applying to any and all retailers in the new state. The very next day, I got a call from my next employer. I worked for that big box retailer for a year while attending a local community college. I was studying architecture and my professor suggested it would be smart for me to have a job in my field. He set me up with an interview and I was working at a firm before I knew it.

Unfortunately, working at the architecture firm was not all it cracked up to be. I was miserable from the beginning, but I didn't consider quitting or looking elsewhere. Instead, I worked quietly and allowed the days to pass by. The end of the school year came along and with that came graduation. I had finished my two-year program and was ready to move onto bigger and better things. That included ridding myself of a toxic work environment. Instead of utilizing my practice from years ago, I decided to quit abruptly. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but I wanted out because I wasn't happy or healthy.

I began job hunting the day I submitted my letter of resignation. I created a profile on every job site imaginable and applied for any job I came across, even if my qualifications didn't match. I needed to find something and fast. The thought of not having a steady income stressed me out. Emails started flooding in from companies days after telling me they had chosen someone else. Some were companies that fit my career path and some were not. It didn't matter to me though. I just needed a job where I could work to pay my bills.

It's been almost two weeks since I quit. I've heard from one potential employer, but that position doesn't start until June. Had I been less stressed in the final weeks of the semester, I would've been avidly searching for a job. It didn't occur to me until now that I probably could've had one lined up had I been a bit better at planning for the future.

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Remaining NBA Playoffs Matchup Predictions

NBA playoff predictions


With the NBA Season coming to a close after 82 games and multiple playoff games, I wanted to predict the remaining NBA series's and who would win. Let's start!

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals: Sixers in 6 vs Raptors


This one's pretty simple, The Sixers have more firepower, they have better chemistry, and they have a better coach. The Raptors are still adjusting to the Kawhi era and might take them a couple years for their chemistry to improve. The Sixers should win this series in six, but only because Kawhi is good enough to win two games by himself.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals: Bucks in 5 vs Celtic


The Greak Freek is so good he can single-handedly beat this Celtics roster with Kyrie and Tatum. The Celtics have been suffering since late in the season and Giannis is here to expose that. Mike Budenholzer has made the Bucks into a complete team and they should easily dismantle last year's Eastern Conference Finals Losers.

Western Conference Semi-Finals: Blazers in 7 vs Nuggets


It's always Dame Time in Portland. Dame is leading his team fast and furious in the playoffs. He is averaging over 30 points a game and is carrying the Blazers. Him and CJ are a formidable duo. While Denver has great players, I believe in a 7 game series the Blazers will outplay them.

Western Conference Semi-Finals: Warriors in 6


The Warriors are the greatest team in the NBA this season. I'm not tired of how good they are because of Steph Curry. Often it seems like they don't try when they're playing, but I am sure that when it counts they will be able to oust the Rockets.

Eastern Conference Finals: Bucks vs Sixers: Sixers in 7


The Bucks vs the Sixers; two young teams battling it out to be the East's best. Who will win? Not going to lie if this happens it will be the best series in the playoffs. This series will definitely go to 7 games and the matter of fact is the winner of this may be lucky to keep on moving. Based on talent I took the Sixers, but with Giannis anything can happen so watch out!

Western Conference Finals: Warriors vs Trail Blazers: Warriors in 5


To make it simple, the Warriors talent makes the Blazers look like a high school JV team. Dame might be like the outlier and help the Blazers win one game, but otherwise the Warriors will make it look easy and go past this series easily.

NBA Finals: Warriors vs Sixers: Warriors in 4


The Warriors will finally find their momentum by the time the Finals rolls around and should easily sweep the Sixers. The Sixers lack experience in the Finals and even the playoffs that much to be honest and it will show. The Warriors will be too much for them and will dismantle the Sixers in 4 games.

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