What It's Like Being Sensitive

Either you're stone-cold, or your heart is like a fragile bubble. For me, I'm the bubble. I love to act like nothing bothers me, when in reality, almost everything bothers me.

I'd never agree to anyone calling me sensitive, but in the end I have to admit that I am. The slightest tone change in someone's voice makes my eyes water. I can't handle being yelled at, or even yelling at someone.

Being sensitive doesn't mean you aren't tough, because I could still stand my ground and be firm about something. All being sensitive means is that you are a kind and caring person.

Even when I'm around someone who's yelling at someone else or being yelled at, I instantly cringe or my eyes water.

All of my friends are the exact opposite. They're the stone-cold ones, who can handle criticism well and yell for fun. Even my boyfriend is like that, which makes it hard for us when we argue. While it's normal for couples to argue, I have such a hard time handling it because I immediately start to cry.

Sensitivity doesn't apply to just being yelled at or criticized. Any romantic or sad movie or even Youtube video I watch can have tears rolling down my face.

People constantly are wondering why I'm crying or have watery eyes, when all that happened was a cute puppy walked by me.

If I catch my kitten sleeping cute or even just yawning, I can't help but get all worked up over how cute she is.

Sometimes it can suck being sensitive, but just remember that your heart is as big as can be!

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