Being part of a loud family, means that you are a loud person. When people apologize to me that they are being loud (they probably haven't been my friend long enough), I look at them like they are nuts and that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Them, loud?

My family can blast the T.V. during family events and we still can't hear it. While it may seem crazy to some people, even with a small amount of people, it is just something I find comforting. If it is not loud, then something seems just not right. Something is missing.

I'm sometimes surprised that my friends that come over are not overwhelmed with noise level, but it just something they probably expect just knowing me.

It is part of something in your blood and your personality that people usually associate with Europeans because we are just that extra. We talk with our hands and loudly through our mouths. What can I say, we like to be heard?!

It is sure helpful in business settings, because we are not the meek quiet one's in the corner. We speak our minds (but we have to obviously keep a filter on it).

While I have always wanted a full family room, where people just don't have enough room to fit everyone, it seems like the room is fuller just by being next to the small family I have. I guess, that is why it seems to comforting. It fills the room up so much so, that silence is foreign to us. Music is in the background, laughter, and maybe even bickering. But to me, a quiet house, is a sad one. Don't get me wrong, being alone and quiet is nice every once in a while, but within the company of the one's you love? Why not have a party?!