Although college may seem tough in all areas of life, we must remember as students to be kind to one another. It may be as simple as a smile or a wave — this one kind gesture may change the view of someone’s day! Here are a few reasons why being kind never goes out of style:

Small gestures including holding the door for someone behind you, waving to someone you may not talk to every day, or smiling to another person walking by on the narrow sidewalks can honestly turn around the vision of how their day is going.

It is so important to be generally kind to others, because one day — you may need them for something! Believe it or not, the same people you see in the dining halls and across the library could very well be the same people who sit in classrooms with you, work on group projects with you and are down to chat about how annoying the professor is.

Not only are these random humans, some of your future classmates — there is a good chance that these people may one day become your boss, your co-worker, or the caregiver of your children. Charleston is a large city, however — it is easier to come across someone with a similar connection than you may think.

Having a good attitude towards life is also another way to spread kindness throughout our campus. Let’s face it, between the never-ending deadlines, the continuous OAKS Outages and the obnoxious Cougar Alerts — literally, EVERY single person is annoyed by one thing or another. As the famous High School Musical lyric goes, “we are all in this together,” — we, all have a million things going on — BUT a positive attitude can make the college experience a million times better!

Kind gestures can be something as large as paying for someone’s lunch or waving at someone in passing. It is important to be kind, spread the positive vibes and just BE NICE. You may or may not agree with my article, however, I can assure you that being mean, rude, or hateful to others is not the way to make friends, connection, or memories that last a lifetime!