Growing up in the 90's was when you can watch the best shows on television. There was so much to watch from the shows and movies on Nickelodeon, to all of the all show on Disney Channel. For awhile they didn't have all of the shows they used to play on Nickelodeon; and now they are starting to play them again but they are only playing them late at night when we are sleeping. On Disney Channel they really don't play these show anymore so it's really hard for us to watch them now that we are all older.

I grew up on 90's show and most of the movies that came out and I still watch some of them today when I have the chance when I'm free and not working a 40 hour week. Everyone who was born in the 90's most likely grew up on all of the shows I watch when i was growing up. I will always remember the 90's and the show from the show, movies and just being young.

Here is a list of the 90's TV shows I grew up on:

1. "Saved by the Bell"

2. "Full House"

3. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

4. "Rocko's Modern Life"

5. "Rugrats"

6. "Doug"

7. "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch"

8. "All That"

9. "Arthur"

10. "Hey Arnold"

11. "The Amanda Show"

12. "SpongeBob SquarePants"

13. "Keenan & Kel"

14. "CatDog"

15. "The Wild Thornberry's"

16. "Legends of the Hidden Temple"

17. "Rockets Power"

18. "The Angry Beavers"

I heard that they are bringing back all of the 90's show on TV now so all of the shows everyone used to watch now you get to watch them again and you can bring back your childhood and remember all the shows you once watched when you were young. I still remember most of the 90's show I used to watch and now that they are bringing them back I can watch them again even know I'm 21 year old I will make me feel like I'm young again, even time i watch a childhood show.

The thing that I remember from being a kid of the 90's is all of the game shows they would play on Nick during the day the game show were "Double Dare", "Figure It Out", "Legends of the Hidden Temple", "Nickelodeon Guts", and "Brain Surge"; I loved all of these game show they played and hopefully you did too. Maybe your memory of 90's television shows is different from mine, you should share it sometime.